Rent car in Tbilisi and travel in Georgia



Where to go in Tbilisi if you are an ordinary tourist and never been to Georgia? In this article we will suggest the most interesting places in the city which are really worth visiting.

Rent car in Tbilisi

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Old Tbilisi

This is a part of the city which you probably should visit first. It is located on the right bank of the Kura River, a small part of the old town has been preserved, some places were restored, and some of them are shabby. Narrow streets, brick houses, Georgians in caps, atmosphere, churches, beauty… I love such places, and advise you to see it.

Monument “History of Georgia”

This is one of Zurab Tsereteli’s mega-memorials dedicated to the history of Georgia. The monument is located in Tbilisi, but a little away from the tourist places on a small hill. The place is surprisingly not popular, but in vain. A very nice monument, where you can study the ancient history of Georgia. It is mainly dedicated to religion and ancient Georgian kings. Without a special knowledge it is difficult to understand something there, but it is possible. If you read a lot of literature or find a good guide – you will learn the whole history of the country.

Bridge of Peace

This is one of the very controversial architectural structures of Tbilisi, created by Michele De Lucca. This bridge completely does not fit into the architectural style of the city, but it’s also worth visiting.

Sameba Cathedral

In Georgia, the church has a lot of the power, so the archbishop’s cathedral is the central building of the city. There is a lot to tell about it, but for now I just suggest visiting it. If you want to see old Georgian churches (and there are a lot of them in Georgia), it is better to look for them a little further away, and I will write about them soon too.

Avlabar district

Next to the presidential palace and the cathedral, just a hundred meters away, we find ourselves in the famous Avlabar district. It was supposed to be an elite and modern tourist center of Tbilisi, but due to the conflict of the authorities and population, this place didn’t change. Avlabari is a very famous and historically rich area. Be sure to rent car in Tbilisi and take a drive there.

Climb the old fortress wall of Narikala

We return to the old town. You can climb the wall by cable car, or you can walk. There is nothing special there, except for a stunning view of Tbilisi and a small church-museum. Next to the fortress there is a TV tower, which you can also go to. And do not forget about the Georgian “Motherland” statue, which is also here. In general, it is necessary to climb the wall.

Rezo Gabriadze Puppet Theater

It is not even necessary to go to the performance itself – you just need to come to see the theater, or rather its clock. Every hour the clock “strikes” in the form of a mini-performance (very similar to Prague). And this theater has very beautiful tiled walls.

Take a photo on the knees of the “Toastmaster”

“Monument to the toastmaster” – one of the most popular in Tbilisi. Georgia, wine, feast, toastmaster…. Just look at his knees and you’ll understand) In general, I consider this monument to be a symbol of the country. Why? – Just visit Georgia and find out yourself.

Relax at European café

It’s time to rest! And for this, there is a small trendy area full of cafes and restaurants-very clean, very beautiful and very European, but with quite acceptable prices. So sit down, relax, drink coffee and enjoy the beauty of European cafe.

There are still a lot of places that you can visit and see in the city. The next time I go there, I’ll visit them and tell you about, but in the meantime, my list is as it is).  To explore all the interesting landmarks in the city or maybe the whole country you will definitely need to rent car in Tbilisi as the public transport travelling is boring and due to COVID may not function well. See you later).

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