SAP Business One-Right Choice for the SME



SAP Business One is a fully integrated ERP solution which is made by the SAP, a software giant for the Small and Medium Enterprises, who have been using the traditional business solutions for the operations of the company, however with changing times SAP B1 is the key ERP software that they should adopt to meet the growing competition and to keep pace with the technological changes happening. It is a fully integrated business solution that is delivered on demand.

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Let us look at some of the benefits of the SAP Business One

  • SAP Business One can be deployed on cloud and can be used as a software as a service model, here you are able to cut down massively on the cost and all the IT maintenance and support is done by your software vendor, therefore you can spend more time on running of your business and less time on cost of IT infrastructure
  • SAP Business One has simple navigation, integration with the Microsoft office suite and interactive graphics, it has the built in learning and support tools that can help your employees in the easy adoption and learning of the ERP software system thereby helping your company in successful implementation of SAP B1.
  • SAP B1 has the all important feature of scalability and adaptability, which helps your company to adopt the rules and legalities of the new geographic areas, modifications can be done easily for the configurations, dashboards and the reports based on roles and responsibilities. As business grows, SAP B1 can help you get on to the next level of business operations easily
  • It helps in improvement of the sales as well, as the SAP B1 provides a centralized database, all the sales people can have access to the information they need at any point of time thereby offering live quotations, and therefore increasing the sales, identification of cross selling up selling opportunities is much better in the SAP B1 than in other traditional business solutions.
  • SAP Business One is a mobile friendly mobile application, it can be viewed on different mobile devices without any kind of additional payment, it helps in the timely delivery of information to the mobile devices and enhance the staff productivity, the staff which are working remotely can view status of the tasks, check out on the product availability and processing of the sales orders, services representatives can be sent to nest locations, thereby minimizing the costs and delays.

SoftCore Solutions is an esteemed SAP Business one partner in Pune and whether you are looking for an ERP software in Mumbai, or a ERP software in Pune, with our 20+ years of experience in SAP and over 250+ successful SAP Business One implementation across different verticals, you can be assured that the SAP Business One implementation is in safe hands.

Competition in the sectors are increasing and only the companies who are able to reduce on the costs and improve on the efficiency are able to survive. SAP B1 is that ERP software that can help the small businesses in improvement of productiveness and efficiency, therefore it si in their interest to adopt SAP B1 quickly.

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