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With pregnancy our body changes fully to the point of making us change the clothes our wardrobe, and definitely we love the idea of going shopping, having to invest in maternity dresses that we will just use temporarily can become an extremely big expense.

The arrival of our new baby brings with it a series of expenses in clothing, medical check-ups, accessories for the baby, decorating his room, becomes a priority to reject spending more than really necessary.

Luckily, there are many things you can do to save money on maternity clothes and still look amazing during the sweet wait.

Thrift & consignment stores

These places are remarkable places to begin when thinking about maternity wear shopping. Some of my favourite maternity pieces have been found at local women’s consignment shop near me which also carries lightly used maternity wear. You will find some remarkable values, mainly if you are in the market of maternity fashions. Career wear like blouses and suit pants sold new are extremely pricey so your excellent bet is trying to find them used at a consignment or thrift store for big savings. One thing always keeps in mind you have checking back with your local consignment or thrift shop to find what you want since stock can change daily.


Many expectant moms are capable to find remarkable deals on Craigslist for many maternity dresses, but think beyond that. Many other websites offers used maternity clothes, are popping up on the internet nowadays. Also consider, online baby sites and parenting forums that have message boards with moms willing to swap, sell, or pass around maternity clothes.

Look for clothes you can wear afterwards

Once of the issue of buying a lot of maternity clothes is that after having the kid they are not longer required. For this reason, it is advised that when picking them you pay focus to the fact that they can also be used for breastfeeding.

If you decide to breastfeed your baby, bear in mind that smooth blouses and dresses and openings are too uncomfortable for this. You can visit for products to help you increase your milk supply.

Include better for shirts and blouses with wide buttons and necklines that permit you to access your bra faster and easier.

Coupons & sales

Check out the clearance racks and sales of some of the stores you already shop at that may offer a maternity range. You can usually get discount codes or coupon codes which can offer savings on maternity wear. Also consider subscribing to the rewards programs or email lists for stores that provide maternity wear. Many times that will email or offer you mail coupons that you can use on maternity wardrobe.

Borrow with complete confidence

Do not be uncomfortable to ask that friend who recently gave birth if she has any maternity garments she can lend you.

In this way, you can keep a lot of cash and get a lot of useful clothes such as skirts, premama pants, maternity blouses etc.

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