Should You Ask Friends to Help You Move?



Significant plans, efforts, time management, and proper handling are required during the moving out process. However, many people prefer asking for help from their acquaintances and friends in their move. No doubt hiring cheap moving companies long distance makes the entire process stress-free, you can always count on your near and dear ones.

Should you ask for some helping hand in moving from friends? Is hiring a professional mover a good decision? These are a few common queries that come to everyone’s mind when they’re about to move to a new place. Here are some advantages and drawbacks of seeking a friend’s help while relocating:

Pros of asking friends to help in moving

You can save money with a reduction in the moving costs

For long-distance moving or relocation to a new city, it’s always better to prefer professional movers as they’ll make the entire process easier for you and safer for your goods. If you’re just shifting your home to the same city then asking a friend for a helping hand can be beneficial for you in terms of money saving.

Depending on the size of your home and goods for packing, you might be charged higher by the movers. Also, there will be some additional charges for parking, mover’s meal and many more. When the moving distance is short and you’ve fewer boxes, you can ask your friend. Seeking help from friends can also be beneficial in reducing the manpower of the movers.

Someone can take care of your little ones and furry friends

The relocation process is hectic and stressful and the entire process gets tough when you’ve kids, toddlers, and pets. Movers can take care of your household items’ packing and transportation. What about your toddlers and pets? During the shifting phase, it becomes difficult to take care of them and make them calm when many things are going on in the home.

In such a situation, asking your friends for help with the moving process can be of great assistance to you. Your friend can either watch your kids or can help you in moving things out and loading them into the vehicle.

With someone’s little help, your moving process can get a lot more comfortable and easier. They can help you in packing and moving boxes after their working hours. In this way, you’ll find someone reliable who can take care of your toddlers and pets.

Cons of asking friends to help in moving

Higher chances of injuries or damage to the household items

Packing of larger items and their loading on the vehicle is a tough job and it requires a lot of effort. There are higher risks of damage to the stuff when you and your friend move the items. Climbing the stairs and packing the expensive items require someone who’s experienced and well-aware of the moving process.

Professional All American Movers co with the latest loading and unloading equipment and tools that make the moving process swift and smooth. There will be no damage to any of your delicate and expensive items. Along with this, movers ensure safe and careful handling of your goods to the desired location.

Moving might be time consuming

Another reason why one shouldn’t ask friends for help in moving is that the entire process might be time-consuming. Right from discarding the old items to packing them and moving to load, all these are time-consuming.

When you hire an experienced mover, they manage all the things within the committed time frames as suggested by you. They’re able to accomplish their moving task on time because of their experienced man powder and utilization of moving equipment.

When you ask for help from your friends, they are likely to visit your home after their office or working hours. Also, as they’re not professionals, they will complete the moving tasks slowly by taking frequent small breaks. As a result of which, your shifting process will get stretched unnecessarily.

To sum up

Approaching and asking a friend to help you move has its advantages and drawbacks. However, leaving moving out tasks to the professional movers would be a wise decision. Movers will charge you affordably for the task of moving and transporting items to the new city and new home.

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