Slot game vocabulary that you need to know before playing for real



Slot Game Vocabulary that many people don’t know yet Especially newbies who just play online slots games must study and understand thoroughly. because if you don’t know these specific terms You will not be able to plan Superslot, play slots, and solve financial problems during covers, including not knowing when to get bonuses. or when wasting money causing many new players to overlook here Losing a lot of chances Please take a moment to study the vocabulary in online slots games. for the benefit of betting

How important is slot game vocabulary?

Today, the aroma website has included all the necessary vocabulary. for new players to study thoroughly Ensure that all 39 vocabulary words you should know Which may look a lot, but when you go to try it yourself You will know that it is not difficult to remember. and not complicated

What is some slot game vocabulary that you need to know?

  • Auto Bet is a button that controls the play instead. which will spin itself until the player presses stop
  • Bonus game is a special prize that the game has set up
  • Coin credit is the amount used to wager instead of real money
  • Gold Coin Win is one of the forms of Bonus in the game
  • Free spins is a สล็อตออนไลน์เครดิตฟรี free play bonus that is given when random symbols are drawn.
  • Hot Slot is a slot that players bet on
  • Jackpot is the highest winnings in the game
  • Minimum bet is the minimum credit that can be wagered
  • The maximum bet is the maximum credit that can be bet
  • Progressive Jackpot is the progressive jackpot
  • Payline is the payline,
  • symbols are icons that will appear In the game
  • Scatter is a special symbol that gives a multiplier rate.
  • Sticky Wild is a wild symbol that increases a wild
  • Wild is a special symbol that can substitute any other element on the reels
  • Reel is the reels of a slot game
  • 3D Video Slots is a type of slot game. with 3D format
  • Action is the number of players participating in the game at the same time
  • Active Pay Line is the total prize pool of players who play simultaneously
  • Bars is a black bar symbol on the menu bar of the game.
  • Bet is the bet amount that the player can customize
  • Bet Max is the maximum bet that can be played
  • Bet Min is the minimum bet that can be played
  • Bonus Feature, Game, or Round is a bonus per round when the conditions are met
  • Credit Free Spins is a free credit that the website gives away to play slots
  • Line Bet is a payline similar to a payline
  • Slot Tournament is a global slot tournament
  • Win is the amount of winning
  • Coins is a button to show coins bet
  • RNG is a random system Slot game prizes stand for Random Number Generator
  • Balance is a display of the amount that can be wagered
  • Pay Table, Info, View Pay is a table showing all the payouts available in the game
  • Carousel is a group of slots
  • Fixed Jackpot is a fixed slot
  • Drops are a landing point on the reels
  • Fill is a coin purse that is used to fill
  • All Ways is an สล็อตออนไลน์ that has hundreds of Lines in Random
  • draw 38. AutoPlay is Auto Play
  • RTP is a bonus issuing rate

Why do you need to know the words in online slots games?

if you have studied Vocabulary in slot games As we have explained above, you can see that slot games have specific terms. that if you don’t play, you’ll never understand or if playing but not studying will never understand as well, so gain or lose learning vocabulary also plays an important role When playing like a real person It’s definitely better than playing with the hope of a fluke or focusing on luck.

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All this is Slot game vocabulary that must be known before actually playing, will see that some words may not be understood Because you have to try playing slots before you know it, such as paylines if you try to read the description. Players will not see the picture, so go to try super slot gaming Auto Deposit Withdraw within 30 seconds and look at the words in the game along with the description. will make it easier for players to see the picture For the benefit of practicing spinning slots

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