Slots Volatility: What is it and is it important?



Slot machines are the largest category of casino games available in the world today. There are thousands of land-based machines and even much more online slots.

Thus, if you want to play free slot games online, you must able to choose the best out of the numerous options.  But for you to know how good a game is, there are factors you must consider. When it comes to slot machines, volatility is an important factor you must know.

What does slot volatility mean?

Slot volatility refers to how ‘volatile’ a slot game can be. Simply put, it is the percentage of risk attached to a game. It is the factor that describes how often you can expect a win while playing a particular slot.

Sometimes, it takes a very long time to land a winning combination in some slots. While in some others, it may not take so long. The slot volatility is the factor that lets you know if you should expect a win soon or not. If you like to play online casino game then visit this popular betting site

Categories of slot volatility

The volatility of slots is further broken into three to help categorize the games. We have explained them briefly below.

  • High Volatility

What this simply means is high risk. Slots with high volatility often take lots of time to deliver a payout. You cannot win prizes from such games often. However, whenever you land a win, it is usually a huge prize. So, high volatility slots pay out fewer but large prizes.

  • Low volatility

This is the direct opposite of high volatility. Slots that feature low volatility pay out more frequently but only little prizes. So, instead of spinning for so long and expecting a huge prize, you get paid smaller prizes at shorter intervals.

  • Medium volatility

This comes just between high and low. The payouts are not so small and also not that huge. They also do not come so frequently but are not that rare.

Why is slot volatility important?

Knowing the volatility of slots helps you make the right choice of games to play. When you play a high volatility game, it could take you a lot of time before you make a win. This also means that you would spend a lot of money betting on the spins. Thus, high volatility slots are only suitable when you have a lot of cash and time to play.

If you play a highly volatile game with a small bankroll, you might end up spending all your money without making any win. On the flip side, when you play low volatility slots with a small budget, you’re more likely to make a win with your money.

You can also choose the type of game to play, depending on what kind of prizes you want. If you prefer to make huge wins, you can choose highly volatile slots. But you must also be ready to spin for a long time and you must have enough to bet for each spin.

However, if you’re satisfied with smaller wins, low volatility slots are perfect for you.

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