Smoking Ban Inside US Casinos



Smokers might enjoy taking a puff from their cigars as they strategize on which slots to play next or the amount of money to bet on in the casinos. You might be disappointed after visiting a casino and find a large sticker reading smoke-free casino.

This is the scenario in most casinos in the US after many state governments made smoking illegal due to health concerns. Your best next focus should be what your next move will be.

Should you quit or move on?

Since mid-2020, about 24 US states have banned smoking inside casinos because they are concerned the cigarette smoke will not just affect you, but several other people close to you inside the casino. You might want to quit smoking, and this can be the best action to take. However, some people can stop smoking and have no side effects, while others need time to quit.

If you still want to continue smoking and gamble, you might consider online casinos as your best alternative. Many USA online casinos allow you to bet on your smartphone regardless of whether you are in your house, in the park, at the beach, or any other place.

It is not just in a casino

You might feel like the law is discriminative because of banning smoking inside casinos. The truth is, the law is designed to serve everyone and give balanced opportunities. There are many other places where you cannot go smoking and you will not feel offended even if no one tells you not to smoke from there.

Take an example of a store or supermarket. You cannot light your cigar inside a retail store and begin puffing clouds of smoke as you shop. You will consider that this is a public place and like a reflex action, you will wait until you finish your shopping.

Dangers of smoking 

Smoking is enjoyable but there are many dangers associated with smoking. Health experts recently published a surprising report that said smoking kills three times more people than the pandemic-related illnesses.

In fact, this is one of the triggers that moved the state governments to ban smoking inside casinos. They felt smoking would affect the lungs of both the smokers and non-smokers inside the casino and this will make the affected more prone to catching coronavirus. It is not illegal to smoke, but you are much healthier if you don’t.

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