Solar Water Heater Price List in Kenya.



Solar water heater price list in Kenya is based on its durability, capacity, design, and efficiency. This article focuses on the things to consider before installing a solar water heater for your home or business.

A solar water heater is a system or water heater which heats water by use of energy from the sun. It uses renewable energy from the sun. The solar water heater is mostly installed on the rooftop of the house or an open ground that is free from shades. It mostly faces the sun’s direction. There are different types of solar water heaters used at homes, hospitals, industries, and hotels. Before purchasing your solar heater you need to ensure the following.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Solar Water Heater in Kenya

Amount of water

Knowing the amount of hot water used in your home or business in a day will assist you in determining the capacity of the water tank to install. Different capacities determine the price of the water heater.

Licensed installer

A licensed and qualified installer will give you all the details and guidelines of the system and how it works. The installer will install the solar heater and ensure it is working. In case of any problems, the installer will know and redo the work. Having a qualified installer guarantees you proper installation with no leaks that may damage your house’s roof.

Temperature regulator

The work of the regulator is to regulate the water temperature and ensure it does not overheat. Very hot water can cause damage to the skin. The regulator is therefore important.


The tank acts as water storage. When buying a tank buy the right one that will cater to your needs. So before purchasing ensure you know the capacity it can hold. Ensure the tank can retain the heat for hours. Some tanks can retain heat for as long as 60 hours. It is also important to put good measures that will prevent the water from bad smell.

Type of water

There are two types of water, soft water, and hard water. When purchasing your water heater consider your type of water that is either hard or soft. This is because the water uses different systems. Hard water may lead to corrosion of the tubes and the tank. To avoid this ensure you get one coated with enamel.

Benefits of Solar water heater price list in Kenya


The solar water heater is cheap since it uses free energy from the sun. It is also economical and easy to install. The heater helps you save on the amount of money used in paying electricity bills or gas used to heat water. The maintenance cost is also affordable and not costly.

Environment friendly

Since the solar water heater uses energy from the sun to heat water it does not emit gases into the atmosphere. For instance, carbon is known to be one of the gases that have contributed to climate change. This means with the solar water heater the environment is safe in that less carbon is released into the atmosphere.

Easy to use

Once installed the water heater is easy to use and also easily serviced. It is also durable hence serves you for a long time.

Solar water heaters  helps you save money and at the same time take care of the environment. When buying one consider, efficiency, durability, and your need. For more information about pricing, check this Solar water heater price list in Kenya.

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