Some Simple Homemade Beauty Products



New types of beauty and makeup products are continually coming in the market. And we beauty and makeup lovers are jumping on top of it. The price of those products is also not low. So, as a result, our wallet is empty! If I say, from today you can make some beauty products at home and save some money. But how is it? But how? Let’s not know how you can make some beauty products at home, and it will work just like the products bought in the store.

Nail polish

We have different color nail polish in our collection. But when you go to a program, you see, you don’t have nail polish matching with the dress’s color. What to do then?

Take a clear nail polish and take the color eyeshadow of your dress. Powder the eyeshadow well. Now pour the eyeshadow in the clear nail polish. Once you put a toothpick inside the nail polish and mix it well, your nail polish is ready.

Body butter

There is no comparison to body butter to keep the skin soft and smooth. Body kinds of butter on the market are quite expensive, so that you can make them at home.

Melt half a cup of shea butter, four tablespoons of coconut oil, and four tablespoons of bee’s wax in a heatproof microwave or double boiler. Then lower it and mix the essential oil of your choice. Now pour the mixture in a lid. Your body butter is ready when it gets cold.

Tinted lip balm

Lip balm is used in lip care. If a little light color is added to the lips, then it looks good. Let’s make a chemical-free lip balm at home.

For this, 50 ml. You need beetroot juice. Take the beetroot juice in a container and thicken it in the oven so that the extra watery feeling goes away.

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