Taking Pills: Make Them Go Down Easy



Swallowing pills is often one of the most difficult tasks, especially for children and older people. They face the most difficulty when it comes to swallowing a pill.

And in case it is a large pill, it is obvious to face difficulties or get scared of swallowing it. Different methods and techniques are there to swallow pills. Also, at the same time, what works for others might not work for you.

Also, we do not like the bitter taste of medicines, and when it dissolves in water and strikes our throat, we can not handle the bitterness and end up gagging.

But do not worry; here we are with you to guide you with swallowing pills, both tablets, and capsules. Yes, there are different methods for swallowing tablets and capsules because both of them are made in different ways.

Also, you can break the tablets in half, but you can not do that with capsules.

Techniques Of Taking Pills Easily

Now, without wasting any more time, let’s have a look at the different methods or techniques of swallowing pills. We believe after knowing this method, the job of swallowing pills will become easier for you.

The Usual Method

The most common and usual method of swallowing a pill is with a water bottle. It is also the traditional method of swallowing pills. Whether you are taking a small pill or a larger pill, this will work. Still, we will always recommend you break the pills in half if it is large.

Here, we also like to mention that you can not break capsules into pieces; it will only work for tablets. Also, research has shown that this particular method is most effective for tablets and not for capsules.

Don’t worry. We will also talk about a swallowing method for capsules.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to swallow a pill in the usual way.

  • First, fill a water bottle with water that has a shallow nozzle.
  • Now, put the pill that you want to swallow on your tongue, and then close your lips tightly around the opening of the bottle.
  • Now, take a drink while keeping contact between the bottle and your lips using a sucking motion. This way, you will be able to swallow both the water and pill easily.
  • Here, you always have to ensure that you are not letting any air get into the bottle.

Using A Swallowing Gel

Lots and lots of liquid, especially water, is the key to swallowing any type of pill. If you are thirsty or your throat is dry, you will obviously face difficulty in swallowing pills. So, it is important to wet the path first before taking the pill.

Swallowing gel is one of the best options you can opt for as a pill swallowing assistance in order to make pill swallowing easier. Here, you need to take medicine along with the swallowing gel. It will play the role of a lubricant and let the pill pass through the path easily.

Lean-Forward Method For Capsules

The lean-forward method is really popular for swallowing capsules. Here, you just need to follow the below-mentioned steps, and you are good to go to swallow a capsule. The main issue with capsules is that you can not break them, and that is why it becomes a little tougher for a lot of individuals.

Now, let’s have a look through the steps you need to follow.

  • First, you need to put the capsule on your tongue.
  • After that, just take a sip of the water, but do not immediately swallow it.
  • Now, you need to tilt your chin downwards or towards your chest.
  • While your head is bent, finally swallow the capsules with the water.

To Conclude

We believe after going through this article; you will be able to swallow pills easily. It is always best to use the best quality and effective swallowing gels. It makes the whole task much easier. If you are still having issues, consult with your doctor for better advice.

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