Taking Politics with an Ironical Mindset – The Let’s Go Brandon NFT Project



As a nod to the “’ Merica,” with its ironic reference to U.S. patriotism, the Let’s Go Brandon (LGB) Collection on OpenSea has added 10,000 NFT masterpieces ready for sale. The entire collection was put together in the middle of the night by a band of “renegades.” The success of this project, like that of Bitcoin in 2009, is dependent on the support of its users.

The name “Brandon” appears in each image, but the style, overlay, and rendering technique vary from image to image. Brandon shows off a wide range of intentionally discordant and funny personalities.

Members of the project’s Discord channel are automatically added to the whitelist.

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A Technique for Gradually Increasing Your Income

One of the most appealing aspects of blockchain is its ability to generate revenue from passive sources of income. Many investors are more concerned with building an income stream over time rather than actively participating in the market.

An intractable problem has been resolved in a flash, thanks to the Blockchain’s passive income schemes.

Owners of Brandon tokens will soon be able to benefit from several noteworthy advantages. Aim for a grand prize if you can gather as many Brandons as possible!

Prepare for the Launch of the Best LGB NFT Collection on OpenSea

With Let’s Go Brandon, we found the first collection of entirely original art, including pixel art, on this famous slogan. This project marks a major shift in the series’ narrative path.

To put it another way, the team claims that their resource is the most comprehensive and the first of its kind to be compiled in one place.

Shortly, the general public will have access to all Brandon’s names. It will be announced five days after the latest Brandon model goes on sale when this new model will be available for purchase.

Brandons will only be available for purchase for a limited time, so act fast if you want one.

Keep in Mind to Hold Your LGB NFTs

Investors now have access to previously unavailable NFTs thanks to the addition of two Bidens. Launch parties and VIP meet-and-greets are also on the radar of the security team.

When it comes to NFTs, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are among the rarest ones you could obtain. The authors hinted at the fact that more famous people may appear in the collection, and we can’t wait to see new developments on the matter.

We were intrigued by this particular collection of NFTs on OpenSea because of their singularity, and we hope to see more of them in the future. The creators promise that you’ll enjoy Brandon’s wit and humor. As time goes on, keep an eye out for any updates from this group of artists.

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