The Bare Essentials You Need to Pack for Your Hiking Pet



Hiking is one of the most exciting activities you can plan for a weekend with your family and friends. Imagine taking your pets along; wouldn’t it be double the fun?

For this hike, you need to pack your bag with pet essentials too. If you have a multi-day hiking plan, then have your dog backpack ready too.

Your adventurous dog needs well maintained, safe, and comfortable hiking gear too.  Don’t keep the load heavy, else your pet ends up all worn out and stressed. By the end of the day, your pet must be delighted, not dead on its feet.

The best hiking days for your pet would be filled with plenty of water available to cool the burnout and the ability to discover places without being restricted in motion because of an uncomfortable leash.

You must be well prepared to handle both the poop and any medical dramas. Seek a Top Rated Pet Insurance beforehand to help you financially tackle unexpected emergencies. You need to care for two lives throughout your journey: that of yours and your paw friend.

To create experiences worth admiring, make this hike a good one by having this gear ready.

Hands-free leash

Buy a leash that can be tagged around your waist to keep your hands free in motion while walking. There are leashes with bungee-type resistance bands available on the market. They are great for controlling your pet’s movement without you feeling a yank or getting pulled at their every step and turn.

Dog backpack

You need somewhere to stuff your dog food and supplies. Allow your pet to enjoy the privilege of having a personal bag for the trip if they are physically up to it. You should examine the supportive harness and check if it has a safe reachable leash. Preferably choose a water-resistant pack to keep things dry when crossing shallow waters, puddles, etc.

First aid kit

You may carry first aid essentials for your canine friend in a kit, including materials for treating cuts and other wounds. Plus, it helps if you have a quick reference guide on treating their superficial injuries.

Collapsible dog dish

Choose a leak-proof collapsible dog dish that is large enough to fit your dog’s snout to eat food or drink water yet is lightweight and takes up minimal storage space.


Sun protection is very important for hairless dogs and dogs who have lighter coats. You need to apply sunscreen on your pet’s nose, ears and eyelids to block harmful radiation.

Look at the ingredients list to see if it contains zinc oxide – if so, use a different cream. Also, ensure it is low in para-aminobenzoic acid. A good pet sunscreen will provide the coverage your pet needs without any toxicity. Compare pet insurance prices before you buy one.

Smart dog collar

Having this over your dog’s neck enables you to let them go off-leash without worrying about where they may run off to. You can monitor your pet movements by the GPS tracker, which notifies you when they cross safe zones. When a red flag is raised, you may enter the scene and take the situation into control.

It requires a cellular connection, and signals are transmitted from the collar base to your phone through text messages or push notifications.

Sort this and the other things out and prepare yourself mentally to take on your pet responsibilities before venturing out to a hiking destination. Light and compact yet essential baggage and protection from mishaps are the keys to an enjoyably airy expedition.

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