The Challenges of Managing Azure Security



Azure is a computing portal by Microsoft to store data and manage resources. It is one of the most popular platforms because it supports multiple programming languages. Many top companies worldwide recommend using Azure and its services due to its availability in different regions around the world. Apart from excellent services, you also face several vulnerabilities on this platform.

Azure provides many services like analytics, developer tools, DevOps, security, etc., for better efficiency. But, Azure Security is the most critical tool every organization needs to fight several cyber threats. It refers to the tools provided for security management and the safety of cloud environments.

With centralized policy management and availability across the globe, data transferability has become more feasible. Although Azure Security operates on advanced technology and provides a safe environment, some challenges are faced by the users while managing it. This article will shed light on some of them.

Challenges Faced While Using Azure Security

Glitch in Configuration

With such a large-scale database comes great responsibility, which means it is more prone to errors and faults. Although it is a secure portal, a small glitch in configuration can cause a cloud error, leading to leakage of sensitive and private data. There have been similar record cases in the past.

Need for More Monitoring Tools

Azure Security provides a variety of tools and features for development and operational functions. Storage is a major part of the portal and consists of several attributes. But when it comes to security, the tools seem to lack. There is no doubt it is secure and based on strict principles. The problem is the deficiency of monitoring tools in the security section. There are fewer alerts and notifications for some of the hazardous risks.

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Identity Issue

Due to the lack of security analytical tools, it isn’t easy to keep track of the identities of users, their subscriptions, and permissions allowed to them. This problem magnifies even more, when there is a large number of admins and controllers. This can lead to access to private data to outsiders.

Open Vulnerabilities

It is based on clean and transparent policies. Providing all kinds of tools and services is the platform’s responsibility. It also includes securing your database. But some duties are put on the user.

Azure is responsible for network hardware security, but it holds the user responsible for the security of identities and some components that you control. This model is known as the shared responsibility model.

This model can create confusion and may lead to loopholes that can act as open vulnerabilities at the time of the error. This may put your creation at risk.

Primary Focus on Applications

It is a known fact that Azure provides a number of services. Hence this divides the focus of attention. This means as the quantity of services increases, quality will be affected automatically. Also, Microsoft is more interested in improving the application-based tools rather than working on security issues.

This is the reason why most of the establishments relying on Azure use other software along with it.

Complex System

Microsoft Azure is a multi-functional platform with a series of rules and codes. This system can be a little intimidating and complex to understand, which may create more errors. On top of that, tasks like monitoring every activity, keeping an eye on attributes and permissions they have, permissions they use is a lot of work. If not done properly, your app is more susceptible to risk.

For the security purpose, you can use an additional platform which will provide you an extra layer of protection and show you data in more simplistic forms. These platforms also offer some automatic features which may share your work and put you at ease. They decentralize your data across the cloud so that risk can be minimized in case of a data breach.

With regular scans and automated tests, they de-risks your cloud data. And even after this level of safety, you face some errors. Various tools can be used to find and fix them.

To Sum Up

Azure Security is a platform that can give your app a boost start that it may need. Once your app gains popularity, it is a great portal for monitoring and management purposes.

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With this long list of benefits, you may face some challenges. These challenges can be avoided by being extra careful and using an additional security system. It is a competitive world out there, so do your research and choose the one that you find most appropriate. Precaution is always better than cure, and this precisely the function of tools provided by these platforms.

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