The top gloves company is closing more than half of the factories.


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The reason for such a decision

The world’s leading company in the production of rubber gloves is going to close more than half of its factories. The company has taken such a decision as about 25,000 workers have recently been affected by Corona. News from the BBC.

There are 41 top gloves factories in Malaysia. Most of its workers come from Nepal and live in crowded areas. Malaysia’s director-general of health, Nur Hisam Abdullah, told Reuters news agency: “Those affected have been taken to hospital. Besides, those who came in contact with them have been kept in quarantine. ‘

Earlier in July, the United States banned the import of hand gloves from two of its subsidiaries. Such steps were taken by alleging forced employment of workers in these companies.

Statement of the authorities

Authorities say Malaysia’s Top Gloves is shutting down 27 plants in a bid to control the infection. Demand for this speciality has grown significantly as a result of the Corona epidemic. But low-income migrant workers working in these factories have always been concerned about the work environment.

It was not immediately clear when the factories would close, but it was said to be held in stages. Top gloves have caught the eye of the world with a record amount of profit this year. But there are also allegations of exploitative work against workers in various factories.

The report said

According to a Reuters report, shares of Top Gloves fell 6.5 per cent on Tuesday as news of the factory closure spread. However, the company’s share price has quadrupled this year.

Malaysia’s health ministry said

Malaysia’s health ministry said on Monday that Kovid-19 infections had increased in the vicinity of the Top Gloves factory. The health examination revealed that after the health examination of about 5,600 workers, Corona positive was detected in the bodies of 2,453 people.

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