Things to Know About Moving to Corpus Christi, TX



No matter where you live, there are certain things you may like, and others you may not. Dallas Movers site to a new location comes with the added challenge of not knowing exactly what the new location is about. Where you cannot know everything about a new location, there are certain things that stand out. For those moving to Corpus Christi, TX here are some things you need to know directly from those who already live in the area.

Prepare for Wind

Chicago is not the only windy city in the nation. Corpus Christi is also one of the more windy locations you will encounter. Hurricanes and storms are common in this part of Texas, but you will also have to get used to something called straight line winds and gulf winds. Straight line winds come from anywhere, but gulf winds stem from the Gulf of Mexico. These winds tend to be stronger than northern territory winds than those coming from Lake Michigan and similar areas. Winds can be warm or cool depending on the time of year.

Sunshine and Tourists

Naturally, any location situated on a beach is going to attract tourists. Corpus Christi is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Texas. The beach is not the only attraction for tourists. This city is noted as one of the more sunny destinations in the nation with an average of 255 sunny days each year. Additionally, unlike certain areas along the southern coast, temperatures in Corpus Christi, TX hover around 70 degrees all year long. Some claim it is one of the best vacation destinations anywhere, so prepare for tourist season when living here.

Famous Uncommon Filming Location

Pearl Harbor was a movie that touched the hearts of many and brought the tragedy of that day into the light for a new generation. What was so touching about the movie was not merely the acting and basic history of the event, but the scenery as well. One might think the film was solely produced in Hawaii. However, due to high filming costs and limited availability of locations, much of Pearl Harbor was actually filmed in Corpus Christi, TX.

Driving on the Beach is Still an Option

Images of the 1950s and 60s along coastal areas will reveal an uncommon fact. Many people used to drive directly on the beach without any trouble. However, in our modern times, if you were to try this on beaches in certain areas, you would quickly be given a fine, or at the very least, be told to leave. That is not true in Corpus Christi, TX. Padre Island is actually one of the few remaining areas you can still drive on the beach and is also home to the longest stretch of undeveloped land barrier in the world, so you can drive for a long time on this amazing beach.

You Need a Storage Unit

Moving to any location may have its challenges, but time and time again, storage facilities have been there to make the move easier. Storage units in Corpus Christi, TX are not merely an essential tool for those moving into the area, but for providing extra space for residents already established in the city. Storage units can be an excellent place to store additional items that may not fit exactly right in a smaller apartment when moving into the Corpus Christi, TX and once you have purchased a new home and need a place to store seasonal items or collectibles, your storage unit is still there for you. Humidity in this part of the country makes climate controlled storage units an essential tool for those storing valuables and even clothing.

Rich History of Sale Boat Racing

Some might think that sailboats are merely leisurely ways to meander across the ocean, but in Corpus Christi, TX, sailboat racing is a real sport. Actually, the city is home to the Midget Ocean Racing Fleet. These amazing sailboat racers have been showing off with weekly sailboat races longer than any other place on earth. If you love sailboats or are really enthusiastic about learning about them, you are in the right place.

Water Sports Are Intense

Water skiing and boating are obvious activities you will want to enjoy while living in Corpus Christi, but they are not the only enjoyable activity you can find on this coast. Due to regular windy days, surfing is one of the most popular activities during the summer for residents of this coastal destination. In addition to catching a wave on a long or short board, water sports enthusiasts can try their hand at kite surfing as well. This sport allows you to catch some serious air while riding the biggest waves Corpus Christi, TX has to offer.

Sometimes, Hurricanes Bring Out the Smiles

A true hurricane is frightening for sure, and you should always obey every warning given by the local weather authority, but not all hurricanes are bad. Hurricane Alley Waterpark is one of the more popular destinations for residents and tourists looking to cool off. This waterpark features CAT 5 which is a play on words for a category 5 hurricane. This slide is a full 6 story plumet with twists and turns to make your head spin. Once you have finished braving the CAT 5, cool off and relax in the lazy river. Spend an afternoon or all day in Hurricane Alley Waterpark in Corpus Christi, TX.

Endangered Sea Turtle Nesting Location

Endangered species need humans to protect them and in Corpus Christi, TX, you can save the turtles every year. The beach is a natural nesting ground for endangered Kemps Ridley Sea Turtles. On Padre Island, from April to July, these turtles nest and volunteers scour the coast looking for turtle eggs to save and bring the to National Seashore Incubation Facility.

Corpus, Christi, TX is a remarkable place to live with adventure and fun around every corner. The city is accessible for both residents heading to work every day and tourists looking to relax. Living here, you will discover new things and begin to truly enjoy life once again.

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