Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About Butchery Equipments in Kenya



Most Kenyans enjoy a delicious meal that includes meat. nyamachoma, meatballs, Meat stew,wet fry, mshikaki, and even meat in delicacies like burgers and shawarma are all options. But instead, before you start a butchery, you should be aware of Butchery Equipment Prices in Kenya.

Importance things to know about butchery equipment prices in kenya


That’s what helps make the butchery enterprise both appealing and profitable. Running a butchery is remarkably easy, however, and before you get started, you should have the following questions before considering butchery equipment prices in Kenya.

What operating permits will you require?

Where can I find a reliable supplier?

What is the best location?

How much money do you require?

Getting started with butchery

Where one will get your meat is an essential consideration before starting a butchery. If you’re starting, you shouldn’t have to purchase a wide range of meat; instead, stick to beef or chicken and eventually increase to other varieties.

Licensed slaughterhouses area is also the ideal location to have your meat supply.


To legally operate a butchery, you must have the following three licenses:

The price for a solitary business permit differs by county.

The permit for a moderate trader in Nairobi costs Ksh.10 000 and is legitimate for one year.

Food Handling Certificate: This certificate goes for Ksh. 600

Fire And safety Certificate

This certificate is valid for a year and costs Ksh. 3,000.

 The approximate Total amount is 13,600

Basic Equipment

When they want to start a butchery, they may need basic instruments, to begin with before gradually expanding to much more equipment.

Meat Cabinet – 75,000 shillings

2 Butcher’s knives, each Ksh. 2500

Five butchery hooks, each costing Ksh 500

Ksh. 5,000 for a cutting block stump

Ksh. 5,500 for an electronic weighing scale

Wrapping supplies – Ksh. 500

Ksh. 850 for each of two white coats

Cleaning supplies – Ksh. 1000

Total cost Ksh. 96,200

All prices are estimates.


The most lucrative site for butchery is a highly congested area, ideally shopping malls within homesteads close to residences.

Based on the site, a respectable room will cost approximately 20,000 and 40,000 per month rent.

Once you’ve found a suitable location, you can refurbish and label this to your liking.=

Profit vs. Investment

Taking into account all of the expenses outlined above, from licensing requirements to equipment or rent, its total estimated investment is as follows: Licenses – Ksh.13, 600

Ksh. 96,200 for equipment 

20,000 shillings per month in rent 

Ksh. 129,800 in total

Success Hints

To succeed in one’s butchery commercial enterprise, you must first be tidy, neat, and structured. Therefore provide clean attire as snug as a surgeon’s dust cloth, to all of your employees. Because they operate in such a butchery, their clothes shouldn’t have to be filthy and stained.


An exciting point to consider as you allocate your first source of slaughterhouse meat is that you’ll be prepared for particular trash from meat to decrease the net kilograms you can sell. You may probably wind up with many kgs of waste per day if you clean the meat to consider removing waste

Start a successful butchery business inideal areas

Butcheries all across Nairobi receive their meat from Kajiado, Dagoretti, Njiru, or other lesser slaughterhouses.

Other Nairobi residents receive their meat from City Market. Those living outside of Nairobi rely on slaughterhouses close to their homes.


To start a successful butchery, one should consider Know about Butchery Equipment Prices in Kenya so that they can be able to operate under ideal conditions and environment. To check more about bone saw machines, visit

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