Tips for Buying the Best Type of Headphones


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Headphones have recently become more than just an accessory. They’re fast becoming a necessity. You will need headphones for quality sound, from listening to music to watching videos and attending zoom meetings. A quick search of the Best headsets 2022 gives you numerous choices that may confuse you.

You should do research on the headsets and understand what your needs are before buying one. Keep in mind the following things when buying a headphone.

1.     Type

Headphones come in 3 different types, so understanding what you want will help you go a long way in choosing the Best headsets 2022. These types are:

In ears: The in-ear monitors are placed inside the ears and offer good sound quality. They are flexible and best for daily commuting. However, using them for more extended periods could hurt your ears.

On ears: They are bigger and ideal for prolonged usage. Most of them have poor sound isolation, making people around you hear the audio you’re listening to.

Over ears: They’re the most comfortable headsets with excellent sound quality but less portable.

2.     Sound Quality

Headphones can accentuate or distort different parts of the audio. You may prefer a particular sound that calls for trying different headsets before buying one. If shopping online, check for return policies that allow you to exchange it for a different model if it doesn’t amuse you.

3.     Sensitivity

Sensitivity focuses on how loud your pair of headsets can be. This is always specified on the item. Most headphones are between 85 dB/mW and 110 dB/mW. The higher it is, the better the music sound. Avoid anything lower than 85 dB/mW, as it will give you a poor experience.

4.     Frequency Response

This explains the frequency produced by Best headsets 2022. It ranges from the upper limit, the treble, to the lower, which is bass. Both these emphasize the audio spectrum in different ways. Most headphones can support a frequency response of between 20 Hz and 20000 Hz. If you love bass, choose a headset with a wider frequency range.

5.     Impedance

Impedance is the power a headphone needs to work. Mobile devices such as phones and laptops can produce the power required to run the headphones. Headsets with a lower impedance will have an excellent quality from the little power they get. Those with a higher impedance may need an additional power source to deliver their best. 16 Ohms is an average impedance for good headphones.

6.     Comfort and Design

Human ears are different, and there is no one fit all headphones. Ensure you check if they can comfortably fit your ears. For in-ears, consider getting smaller buds that can perfectly fit in without slipping off at any instance.


A quality headphone is sure to improve the quality of life. Some people exercise with them, wear them on planes and trains and sleep with them. Before buying the best headset 2022, take your time to research and compare different items. Consider how you will use them, the type, sound quality, and any unique features you’d love.

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