Tips for caring for and maintaining human hair wigs



The cheap human hair wig is the oldest type of wig we can ever find. The ancient Egyptians emphasized their beauty after their clothing.  Nowadays synthetic hair is used to make them that have the texture of natural hair. However, there are some benefits that tempt people to buy fur.

These wigs are usually long-lasting and feel more comfortable to use all day than synthetic after any wear. Hair is natural so you can style it in any shape you like. However, in the case of synthetic hairpieces, you cannot change the style. After all, these are less risky than synthetics because you’re next to a hot zone like a fireplace and yet high temperatures won’t damage it. But if you take proper care and maintenance at regular intervals, you can get all the benefits.

Care and maintenance

Do not allow oil to seep into these wigs. In addition to washing it, you should also clean your own hair. You can also wear a wig cap under it so that the secret oil of your scalp does not come in contact with it.

Always tangle before you wash. A wig sort is the best tool to remove tangles.

Do not wash it regularly. You can wear it on a stretch at least eight times before washing.

When washing, use mild water and shampoo. Soak your wig in soapy water for five minutes. Now gently strain the water from it and wash it carefully in mildly hot water. When washing, place the shampoo on your hands and gently massage your wig.

Bob Wig Styles

Bobs may be short but that doesn’t mean there’s any compromise in style. When it comes to changing the classic bob wig you will be spoiled for choice. With long wavy wave styles, from short pixie bobs to long style currents, you will definitely find a wig that will fully appreciate you and your taste.

Style consideration

 Smoke Mono Bob Wig – Ellen Wille Hairpower Collection Although any short bob wig will look stunning to everyone, some styles will be more flattering depending on the size of your look. For most natural styles, look for wigs that are made with a lace front and a monofilament top.

Heart-shaped face

If you are blessed with a heart-shaped face then both long and short bob wigs are the right style. Bob wigs can create symmetry and balance with a shimmering fringe in this face shape especially as a flattering look.

No boundaries to shake?

If you are considering whether to go for a bob wig with or without a fringe, you need to look at the shape of your face again. For angular faces (square shape or long), a full fridge can achieve balance and perfectly complement the shape of your face. If you have a round face, the most flattering look can be achieved with a frame-swept fringe that frames the face. Avoid full face as these can shorten the face.

First, you must consider the tone of your skin and how well it blends in with the targeted wig. The bob wigs discussed above will make your face the center of attention. Therefore, its color should be such that it complements the complexion and does not make it look like a dense clown.

The other consideration is the different types of wigs and how compatible you are with them. Bob wigs can be either silk base frontal or flower lace; This means using hair glue or sewing the front lace on your scalp. Whenever you realize that you are allergic to glues, sewing becomes your best option, so go for it with a base that allows sewing.

Typically, 2 terms are used for hair used in hair extensions, which are hair packs and  hair bundles. We already know what a bundle hair is, yet what are hair packs? And what is the difference between a hair pack and a hair bundle?

Hair packs are names used to call donor hair that come from different types of hair. Not much care is required to ensure the same length, quality, and direction of packaged hair. In other words, packed hair is of worse quality than bundle hair.

Usually packed hair is of poor quality compared to bundle hair.

Packed hair is cheaper than a hair bundle, it is tangled, easy to cut. Also, you can’t dye hair packs and shampoo them without messing them up. That’s why professionals often recommend using hair bundles instead of our packs.

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