Top 5 Australian Beloved Gym Brands That Every Woman Needs This Autumn



Having activewear that makes you feel good about yourself is key to enjoying working out! Also, with gym wear increasingly worn during everyday life, having a strong selection of stylish brands has never been more important. Gym wear should be good quality, fit well and suit your fashion taste.

Whatever workout you choose to do, whether it’s high or low intensity, your activewear should cater to this and even have functions to make it easier, like pockets or adjustable sizing. We understand this can be daunting, so we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite Australian gym brands, like P.E Nation and Lorna Jane, to make it easier for you this Autumn!

P.E Nation

P.E Nation is an active streetwear brand designed to suit urban life. One reason why we love P.E Nation is that it focuses on quality construction and design but also creates fashion-forward pieces to take you from studio to street. The gym wear brand is known for its core values of inclusivity, fashion credibility and social responsibility.

Pip Edwards and Claire Tregoning noticed a gap in the emerging activewear market, and the female-founded brand was made to fill it! P.E Nation prides itself on its clothes serving all sports disciplines, which is fabulous for women looking for multi-purpose activewear. P.E Nation encourages everyone to have an active way of life, no matter what that looks like to you. We love its clear retro sport-inspired look. P.E Nation centres its designs around iconic streetwear and continues to evolve for the future.

Dharma Bums

Debbie Lawson founded Dharma Bums when her frustration peaked about not being able to buy ethical and sustainable activewear. Debbie founded Dharma Bums in 2013 in order to make women feel beautiful in themselves whilst still wearing comfortable and functional gym wear. Their values focus heavily on using sustainable fabrics and only manufacturing their clothes with companies committed to ethical work practices. So, an stylish, sustainable, activewear brand that supports great performance? Sign us up.

Lorna Jane

Lorna Jane founded her namesake activewear company in 1989 and has since pioneered the activewear industry. The first reason why we love Lorna Jane is that they design gym wear because they want people to be inspired to get active. It is an inspiring message to anyone who struggles with having an active life due to insecurities or lack of motivation. Aside from having fabulous gym wear that’s stylish and functional, Lorna Jane makes sure to give back to their homeland. They acknowledge the founders of Australia and pay their respects to their culture. Along with celebrating Australia’s rich cultural heritage, Lorna Jane gives back to women’s charities and supports sustainable tree reforestation.

The Upside

The Upside was founded by Jodhi Meares during the original wave of athleisure becoming trendy. She founded The Upside as she felt that all other activewear at the time was bland and not “cool”. The Upside was created to fill this gap in the market and get people excited about planning their yoga or working-out outfit. Aside from having beautiful and cutting-edge designs, The Upside also is on a quest to support the world we live in and to encourage everyone to celebrate their body by moving it in a way they enjoy.

Running Bare

Bondi Beach-based company, Running Bare was created in 1983. It now bridges the gap between gym wear and women’s fashion and is trusted by a loyal band of local women to look great and provide great support for fitness. Similar to P.E Nation, Running Bare is built on the premise that a strong piece of activewear should be able to be worn in whatever life throws at you. Running Bare leans into the Australian fast-paced and activity-packed lifestyle, giving women the wardrobe to wear when their outfits need to be versatile yet fashionable.

Gym brands can be difficult to choose from, but we’ve compiled this list to give you some suggestions to make your search easier! Australian gym wear companies are excellent for women who lead a busy lifestyle, accounting for a fast-paced, busy schedule. We love these brands, and they’re worth incorporating into your wardrobe for Autumn!

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