Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses That will Prepare You for a Successful Career in 2022


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Digital marketing was a specialized talent for a small set of people. It’s strange to think about it nowadays. It’s almost hard to distinguish digital marketing from marketing in general.   

Every company utilizes it in some form, from search engines to social networking sites to mobile applications and advertising.

While online marketing is still a specialized talent, it is no longer prestigious. Anyone can now study digital marketing, owing to the same internet that gave birth to it in the first place. 

There are several methods to learn, whether you’re self-taught, attending a certified course, or brushing up on your current abilities with the newest trends and technologies.

This article contains a list of the finest digital marketing courses for 2022. 

Digital Scholar approaches learning in an organized manner that stresses practical education above theoretical knowledge. You will get training that covers all segments of Digital Marketing, with some of the most up-to-date material and industry pros guiding you along the way.

Digital Scholar lets you interact with real-world customers, access case studies, and collaborate with agencies to understand how agencies work and what skills you’ll need to thrive as a professional digital marketer.

The following courses are available via the online free marketing training:

A Career in Digital Marketing – A Roadmap to a High-Paying Job – Growth Marketing Masterclass – Email Marketing Masterclass – Facebook Ads Masterclass – Instagram Marketing Masterclass – Marketing Automation Masterclass

Advantages of joining this Course:

Every day, LIVE seminars on critical aspects of digital marketing are given. This step will guarantee that you apply for and reach your professional/business goals, making it a fantastic option for you to progress your career.

Realistic Work Experiences:

If you’ve mastered all of the digital marketing abilities we’ve just covered, it’s time to put them to use and earn some real-world experience. You will accomplish so with a Digital Marketing Course from Digital Scholar. 

Bonus Tip: 

You’ll learn via working on real-world brands with professionals who are in it and doing it, as well as through studies that will assist you in implementing all you’ve learned. It is intense and practical, and it may lead to an internship or career that is a good match for you.

Another crucial suggestion for enhancing your digital marketing abilities via real-world experiences is to apply for as many internships as possible. Internships are true testaments to your skills and may help you improve them from the bottom up. 

  • Digital Marketing from Google 

Digital marketing is a prevalent and hot-selling issue these days. Digital Garage is a Google portal that offers free online classes. The Course covers a variety of subjects related to career and business development. 

The Google Course provides the following areas in the realm of digital marketing:

Digital Marketing Fundamentals: How can your target audience discover you online? – How to increase a company with Google advertising? – How to build a business globally? – Mobile Marketing – Content Marketing – Social Media Marketing – Youtube Marketing.

The courses mentioned above are available in text and video formats for your convenience; you may enrol.

Advantages of joining this Course:

Google is a well-known company. If you are new or experienced in digital marketing, the Google Course will prepare you.

  • SEMRUSH Digital Marketing Course

SEMRUSH is the creator of the most popular digital marketing tools on the market today. They’ve built an academy to provide free digital marketing training to its members and visitors.

Their courses cover all facets of digital marketing, such as:

Content Marketing – Pay Per Click Strategies – Affiliate Marketing – Social Media Marketing – Search Engine Optimization.

There is no registration charge, and upon completion of the Course, you will get a certificate. The seminars are taught by respected digital marketing specialists and include video and text.

They include fundamental and advanced topics, even though some courses only focus on using SEMRUSH, such as social media marketing, technical SEO, SEO principles, and PPC fundamentals. They have a lot more to offer for free.

Advantages of joining this Course:

The benefit of these courses is that they are led by industry experts who cover various topics and advise you in real-time.

  • HubSpot’s Digital Marketing Course

Hubspot Digital Institute is another alternative for studying online digital marketing and obtaining certification from a reputable institution.

They are a well-known digital marketing company that offers a variety of SEO tools, CRM, sales, and content marketing solutions.

Hubspot’s online digital marketing courses include the following topics:

Contextual Marketing – Content Marketing – Email Marketing – Inbound Marketing – Social Media Marketing

There are no registration costs. You will obtain a recognized certificate after you have completed the Course and exams.

Advantages of joining this Course:

Their online courses are superb, even if you don’t plan to utilize HubSpot’s technologies in your marketing business. Set aside some time to go through the ones that attract your interest.

The specialists will help you through the digital industry with their years of knowledge. The lessons are free, and the learning environment is simple to use.

With this Course, you may begin studying the principles of digital marketing and clarify all of your thoughts. Additionally, learn about landing sites and test your email marketing skills.

The following is how the Course is organized:

Introduction to Digital Marketing – Digital Marketing Modules – Digital Marketing Techniques. 

Learn about tools that may help you improve your technical expertise.

Advantages of joining this Course:

Anyone interested in studying the principles of digital marketing and putting them into practice should take the Course mentioned above.


Digital marketing is among the most popular professional paths right now, and capitalizing on this digital wave will be quite helpful. The COVID-19 Pandemic have pushed it even more critical for companies and organizations to get online and use digital marketing.

The number of digital marketing jobs expected to be produced in the area by 2022 is likely to be at an all-time high, indicating that digital marketing will be here to stay.

We hope this blog can assist you and educate you on the top digital marketing abilities we believe you should have. 

A career in digital marketing is a highly profitable option. We hope that our list of digital marketing abilities has assisted you in taking the first step toward your specialty.

Author Bio – Karthikeyan Maruthai     

Karthik is a Digital Marketing Head at EchoVme Digital. He heads the development team, SEO team at echoVME, and a trainer at Digital Scholar. He has been working in the development field for over a decade and is the go-to person for any SEO and tech-related queries. For more information visit this site: isaimini

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