Top 5 uncommon and profitable business idea 



You cannot get success soon unless you do differently than others. Unique and uncommon things attract everyone as quickly as possible. This attraction is another formula of business.

You do business for profit and buyers. So, your business must be which thing creates the public’s soft corner, and also it must be useful. If you can do it, your success will come.

Money is not essential for success every-time. Some trick and planning are more important for cash. 

Today I share with you some uncommon but profitable business ideas with less capital.


You-tube is an online platform where upload video and advertisement. Many company or owner pay money for showing advertisement and for displaying video, you-tube pay cash. Firstly, you have to create a you-tube channel and upload videos. If your track gets popularity, you will get your profit. This idea is how you-tube can be a profitable business with less investment.

Designing T-shirts

Designing T-shirt is one of the most popular businesses. It is a profitable business, as well as uncommon. Designing T-shirt is unique because everyone cannot do this. 

Designing logo

The designing logo also an uncommon popular business. This business is unique too. Because on the one hand, everyone cannot do this; on the other hand, each person’s design is different. For this reason, you are designing an at-logo for a unique business.

Planning surprise for others

We all love the surprise. There are Many want to surprise loved ones but cannot for lack of time. You can do that for money. 

Travelling agency

travelling agency is also an uncommon business. Tourists do not know a place to go for travel. You can do it in exchange for money. This travel agency can also be a profitable uncommon business.

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