Top Benefits of Aluminum Framing Systems



During your design process of any machining process, you will be faced with a number of decisions on what kind of material to use for your machine applications. You might be wondering how to enclose it, how you want it guarded, and how you want to make it. If you are wondering what kind of framing to use for your machining, aluminum framing is likely on your mind.

However, you might also be considering steel framing. Aluminum framing such as Mini Tec Profile Systems is becoming a number one choice for framing by engineers for a number of reasons. Learn more about its many benefits here.

What are Aluminum Framing Systems?

Aluminum framing systems are systems that are made from aluminum to create extruding aluminum systems that are used in machine applications. Those applications are frequently used to build the frames of machines but can be used in other industrial applications. Many of these systems are assembled with aluminum frames that are made from a specified design process.

That process is not unlike that of a 3D printer. In the process of developing extruding aluminum, a die is used of the same size as the design. This die process is a fundamental component of creating extruding aluminum. The extrusion components start as round bars and heat is forced through to develop the extrusion aluminum.

The end product is a product that can withstand heat, and is built to last.

Benefits of Aluminum Framing

Durability and quality are key reasons for choosing aluminum framing. Aluminum framing can be more expensive than its steel counterpart. That is because as a raw material, aluminum can be more expensive. However, it does offer a higher density than steel, and is reputed to be better for heavier loads.

Another benefit of aluminum framing rests in its replacement value. Because of the die process, it is much easier to replace a part of the aluminum structural frame than it is a steel structural frame.

Required assembly tools for aluminum framing are also relatively more affordable than those that which you will need for steel framing. For assembly, you’ll need a mallet, a screwdriver, and a wrench. You will also save time when assembling an aluminum frame, as assembling welded steel takes much longer.

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Additional benefits of aluminum framing systems include its weight, which is lighter than steel. It also is more sustainable and has a longer life than steel.

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If you are weighing the costs and benefits of materials for your framing systems, consider aluminum framing like Mini Tec Profile Systems. Aluminum framing is more affordable, more sustainable, and lasts longer than steel framing. It also will save you time in numerous applications. Get a quote from a reputable provider today.

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