Top Myths about Logo Design Busted Debunked


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If you are at a point where you are creating a logo for your brand, then there are various tips or tricks that you might search for. It is necessary to know the rules but it is more necessary to be aware of the myths.

There are a few truths that you should be aware of before designing a logo. Your logo does not need to be timeless, and there is no such thing as a perfect logo design. The top myths about logo design busted debunked are mentioned below-

Logo Gets You Money

A lot of people have this misconception that logo design makes a brand earn but it is not true. If you want your brand to earn money, you must sell or offer an experience on the value that appeals to your customers. If you use the best design tools on creating an amazing logo design and forget about all other branding features, then you are doing it all wrong. The logo is just the face of your brand, not everything.

To create a brand, you need to have a positive impression on your target audience about your company and a logo design alone cannot offer value to your customers. A logo design is one of the most important things while starting a business. However, it does not mean that you spend loads of money on just the logo and forget other branding materials. You can save time and money by creating a logo with an online logo creator.

Logo Design is Your Success

You need to understand that creating a logo will not determine your success at all. The logo does not matter if you do not have a good sales system to afford it. You need to keep your logo good enough for people to recognize your brand. It is the main purpose of your logo to give you identity.

After this, you need to invest in other branding materials and strategies to make people remember to recognize you. Your success will be determined based on your products, behavior, and popularity and not your logo only.

Branding Gets You Customers

Branding gets you customers, is one of the most common logo design myths. Once you are done creating your logo, you might feel satisfied but it does not indicate that your ideal customers will be compelled enough to purchase from you. Branding cannot solve all your financial problems, and it cannot sell all your products but it is something you cannot neglect either.

Customers do not care about how much money you put into marketing your product or service or your brand. They are only willing to pay if they think they will get value out of your product or service. A logo alone cannot convince your customers to keep purchasing from you. It depends on how you treat your customers, the value of your products or service. So, along with the logo, offer value to make your company a brand.

The Timelessness of a Logo

Furthermore, the next logo design myth is the timelessness of a logo. A logo doesn’t need to stand the test of time. Your logo cannot remain popular all the time. It is important to change with time and evolve. Take famous brands, for example, Nike, Apple, etc. They changed their logo with time and made it better. What worked 30 years ago, might not work today, so it required change.

If designers take timelessness seriously, it will hugely limit their options. All brands go through a rebranding stage. It is not because of their mistakes but to stand out in competition and create a change. It can be your chance to create a stunning design that will wow your audience. So, a logo does not need to be timeless and can be altered with future advancements. You can take the help of a logo creator equipped with the best design tools, design size guide, and much more to create attractive logos.

Graphic Design Must be Trendy

Another myth is that people think logo design must be trendy. Using the latest trends can be great for branding purposes. However, it is not a sign of professional graphic design. You cannot rely only on trends to create your custom logos. Trends keep on changing with time. What is popular this season might not be popular in the next. You cannot create a trendy logo that is loved just for one season.

Whether you are making a nft logo, twitch logo or instagram logo, It is important to keep trends aside and focus on creating a logo that has some meaning and connects with the audience. Just focussing on trends to create a logo design, will only constrain your brand in a timeline and restrict the longevity of the company as well.

The Logo is to Make Things Pretty

Looks and aesthetics are some of the main elements of logo design. But, it cannot be the sole purpose and objective of creating a logo by businesses. Graphic design is the art of creating visual content which communicates a certain message with the audience and shares the story of the brand.

To do that, the designs must be well structured and designed. However, it is not the only thing to be focussed upon. A logo design is used as the face of the brand. It shares the emotions, values, mission, and message of the brand with the audience.

Customer Decisions are Based on Logo Alone

Next, the myth that needs to be debunked is that consumer decisions are based on the logo alone. Your logo is just an identity of your company. It can share emotions and brand messages with your customers but it cannot compel them to make buying decisions. Those customer decisions are based on your popularity, positive image, product or service, customer service, etc.

However, you can use your logo to develop a positive image in viewers’ minds but you cannot compel them to purchase anything with a logo. Customer decisions are based on a lot of things combined and not on logo design alone.

You Do Not Need to Set a Budget For Logo

This is one of the most common and misleading myths about logo design. If you think you can work perfectly without a budget, you are mistaken. Graphic design and logo have become quite an important part of a business. You cannot work without these. For this, you might need the help of professionals as well.

These visual elements have a key role in establishing a brand on digital platforms especially. So, it is important to set a budget for a logo and create an attractive one.

The Perfect Logo

It is not possible to make everyone happy with your logo design. A logo design cannot be remarkable and gain attention all alone. For creating a prominent brand identity, you will need to create a product or service that people love. It will help you impress people and generate sustainable word of mouth.

A logo design serves best when it is accompanied by a great product line. This ensures the best customer experience and links positive emotions to your brand. All in all, the perfect logo does not exist. It all depends on your products or services, brand, customer experience, and target audience.


Along with a logo, other branding elements such as flyers, brochures, business cards, labels, etc also matter. You can create these by using flyer maker, brochure maker, Designhill logo maker, etc. These tools will help you save your money and time as well.

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