Tredexo Review – Going above and beyond with Its Trading Features



Just because you want to start your trading career as soon as possible doesn’t mean you should pick the first broker that you see in your search results. I have been researching and sifting through the online trading world for many years now and I can tell you that the gems are usually hidden from the general public. However, I have discovered some true gems and I am going to tell you about one through this Tredexo review.

The features you get on this platform are not different from what you get with other similar services, but they are definitely better. Yes, I am saying that because this firm really understands how to get close to the hearts of the traders. It provides them with the same features that most companies do, but it has a different and better way of doing that. Wondering how it does that? Well, keep on reading and you will know.

Intelligently Picked Trading Accounts

Let’s take a look at the trading accounts you get from this firm and I am sure you will be forced to say that they are intelligently picked and designed. You have four accounts, with each account having different features and a different initial deposit. The good news is that you can start the silver account with no more than 250 EUR. The most expensive account on the list is the Diamond account and it is available to you if you are willing to make a deposit of 35000 EUR.

The education package and ebooks are included with all the trading accounts. As soon as you jump from the silver to the gold account, you have a dedicated account manager as well. The platinum account is great in that it lets you get a 100% bonus on the deposit you make. Last but not least, other than the first two accounts, you will have trading signals available with all without any extra costs.

Trade on Phone and Computer

You will decide where you want to trade and Tredexo will give you just the platform you need. When I looked at this company first, I thought they only had a web-based trading platform. Yes, they do have this powerful web-based trading platform that you can use on any device. A web trader does not need any downloads and can run on any device just like a website. This means you only need a browser to access it, and which operating system you have on the device really does not matter. However, Tredexo goes the extra mile to offer you an amazing mobile application as well.

Yes, I was amazed too when I first discovered it but you know how good this platform is now too. You can download this application on your phone from the Play Store. Being able to trade while traveling or when you are on the other side of the world is definitely a great feeling.

24/7 Customer Service Just for You

I am not proud at the way online trading platforms give customer support to their traders. In most cases, I have noticed that they are not putting in their best in this area. A lot of the times, they are only available to you during the workings hours of the working days. How can a person contact them if they are only free on the weekend? Worry not because Tredexo clears this confusion for you. Its customer support department is ready to help you 24/7. They can answer your emails within 24 hours or pick up your call as soon as you call.

Final Verdict

So, what do you think? Does Tredexo go above and beyond in offering you online trading services? For me, based on years of research, it is definitely doing something that most others are not and that makes this platform special for me. You can know more if you visit the website and read the trading account features in more details. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t waste the right time to start your trading career.

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