Trump’s ‘announcement of resignation’ in the end, but the rate ‘do not obey.’



After one drama after another, US President Donald Trump has finally agreed to overpower. However, he did not want to give up even after leaving power; he also promised to continue the fight.

Indications of relinquishing power

Trump tweeted two times in a row on Tuesday morning, Bangladesh time. This power is an indication of relinquishing control. He tweeted that the US government agency that handles the transfer of power must do what it has to do.

Trump’s case

The last three elections have been held in the US presidential election. The counting of three votes in the world’s most complex election process took several days. Democrat candidate Joe Biden won the election with a record number of options in US history. However, President Trump accused the election of ‘rigging’. Several cases were also filed, and His case has already been dismissed in several states. A few more states are running.

Trump has vowed to continue fighting without accepting defeat, saying the cases are progressing well. We will fight hard. And believe me, I will survive the fight.

Call on Donald Trump to accept defeat.

One ally after another is urging Donald Trump to accept defeat in the US presidential election. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has recently joined the team. He called President Donald Trump’s legal team a “national embarrassment.”

Biden’s denial of victory

The Federal Agency General Service Administration (GSA) completes the transfer of power in the United States. The government agency also acknowledged Biden’s victory. And the dramatic announcement came from Trump after Biden’s success was officially recognized in the state of Michigan.

Meanwhile, Biden’s team welcomed the start of the transfer of power. In the meantime, the work of finalizing the cabinet is in full swing. Read more about: 9xmovie movie4me and bolly4u.

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