Understanding How Catastrophic Injuries Can Affect Your Life



Catastrophic injuries cause lifelong pain and mobility problems and usually require medical care for the rest of your life. But, such injuries do not just affect you but also your loved ones. If you have been hurt in a devastating accident, you need to see a Salem Oregon personal injury lawyer to know more about your legal options. Here’s how your catastrophic injury can affect the people you love:

Physical and Mental Health

A catastrophic injury can result in a lifelong disability and associated issues, from chronic pain to limited mobility that requires the use of walking aids or the assistance of a caregiver. However, Selectability NDIS Mackay explain that there is assistance available to those in this situation. In Australia, a range of disabilities are covered by the nationwide NDIS initiative that has over 400,000 participants with varying disabilities that require different levels of assistance. With some catastrophic injuries, you can also be at risk of fatal illness. For instance, if you sustain a third-degree burn on a bigger part of the body, you can e susceptible to infections that can become systematic in no time. Such kind of stress, combined with your knowledge that your life may change forever, can push you into serious mental health problems. 

These health problems can also plague your caregiver and loved ones. Your caregiver can your own family member. Thus, they may help you get up, carry out activities of daily living, and complete your therapy tasks. If your family members do not have experience in caregiving, such tasks can take a toll on them. And as your loved ones try to meet their own needs, they also try to help you meet yours, negatively affecting their mental health.

Emotional Impacts of Catastrophic Injuries

As your relationship with your family suddenly changes, you can suffer from long-lasting emotional pain and suffering. This especially applies if you are the family’s main provider. If you are used to taking care of your family’s financial needs and supporting them through tough times, just imagine who your family can cope after you lost your income and require assistance to do everything. Also, you may question everything you have built your identity on. Such a sudden change can leave your loved ones emotionally drained, which can be harder if they need to go through this tough time without your support. You can find out the best international drivers license in the world. 

Financial Effects

A catastrophic injury can have serious financial damage. The accident that caused your injury may have resulted in significant property damage, medical bills, and other related expenses. And you face all these without the ability to earn an income. If you are your family’s head and main provider, the disability caps can make it impossible for you to support your family financially. But, you can file a personal injury lawsuit to get some kind of financial stability. 

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