Use Vinyl Lettering for Storefront Displays and Business Message Sharing



You can find vehicles that are decorated with vinyl lettering everywhere. However, vehicle décor is not the only use of the viny letter, a very flexible multi-purpose utility. You can apply custom vinyl lettering on any flat, smooth surface for any imaginable purpose. Usually, a vinyl letter is applied to glass surfaces mostly. The obvious use of vinyl lettering apart from vehicle décor is storefront displays of graphics and lettering.

As it is easy to install, anyone can plan a bit and quickly install vinyl lettering onto the glass. Once the purpose is over or you want to refresh your display, it is also easy to remove the vinyl lettering without causing any hard to your glass or wall surfaces. For store managers, vinyl can offer a lot of flexibility. You can display the special offers or the store working hours, using vinyl lettering and removing it when not needed.

More usage of vinyl lettering

You can consider vinyl lettering also as an alternative to the usage of drapes. If you plan to install any drape, you may think of vinyl graphics and vinyl letters instead. These will serve the same purpose of the drapes to cut down the amount of sunlight coming into the store and offer the added advantage of low-cost advertising or message display to the customers.

Along with vinyl letters, you can also custom make vinyl graphics as the logo of your store. It is possible to custom cut vinyl lettering and vinyl graphics with precision and in any needed colors. If you are new to vinyl graphics and lettering, the ideal place to start is online. Just scroll through the online stores, and you will get an idea about what types of vinyl letters are there, which will give you an understanding of how to customize it for your project in hand. The rule of thumb is to make your vinyl advertisement as simple as possible without any clutter.

Installing vinyl lettering on the storefront

As discussed in this article, vinyl lettering can be used as a storefront display for the following common usages.

  • Display the store open and closing hours or working days
  • Display a special offer to the customers 
  • Display the important contact details like the phone number of email ID.
  • You may also display a custom vinyl graphic with a QR code for the customers to scan and go to your website.
  • Coupon codes or other such things to attract customers.
  • A motivating message or a quote.
  • Any general information in the public interest and so on.

The lettering you choose can be custom designed according to the type of your business. For example, you may use a straightforward serif font for a banking or financial services enterprise. For a kid store or a toy shop, you may rather use attractive Comic Sans as the vinyl lettering font. There are many such choices to make, so give it a bit of time and consideration to make your best choice.

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