Useful Vastu Tips for Living Room by best interior designer in Nagpur


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The most used space in the house is its living room. The family members spend most of their time in the living room as it is the focal point of the house. It is the most important area of the room where the whole family sits together and enjoys family time. It is the place where we welcome our guests wholeheartedly. Hence, it becomes very crucial to design the space carefully. It is the first impression of the complete house. People who follow Vastu norms prefer to design the complete house accordingly by consulting Vastu consultants and Interior designers.

Here are some essential Vastu tips from the Vastu Consultants for the living room.

  1. First thing to start with is your welcome door. The welcome door must be placed in the north, east, or northeast direction so that it attracts more positive energy towards it. The main door must be painted with beautiful and bright colors. Dark colors especially black is a big no-no for the main door as it attracts bad energy inside the house. Another important point to consider for the main door is to avoid garbage in front of it. The best Vastu consultant will always suggest this as it brings negativity in the house. In spite, you can decorate your main door with flowers and a nice nameplate.
  2. The furniture should be placed as per Vastu norms for example in the living room sofa, almirah, etc., should be placed in the west or south-west direction. With the help of consulting an interior design firm, you can select the best-looking furniture for the living room that matches the idea. If you want to place the electric appliances in the house, you must place them in the east or southeast area of the living room. The same direction can be used for placing the dining table as per Vastu norms. Avoid using irregularly shaped tables.
  3. Colors play the most important role in everyone’s life. The living area is the place where everyone chills and spends the time watching tv, talking to friends, etc., hence, the color of the room must be the one that attracts positive energy so that everyone feels fresh while entering the house. The home interior designers always suggest light shades like pink, white, blue with some patterns, etc., in the living room. These colors are best fitted as per Vastu norms as they attract calmness and serenity in the house.
  4. If you have damaged appliances in the house, you must not use them in the living space. They should not be used anywhere in the house and must be discarded. The broken and damaged appliances bring negative energy in the house hence, as per Vastu norms such appliances must be kept away from the house. Like appliances, any other broken item like pottery or photo frames must also be avoided in the house and replaced with some beautiful and lively decor items. A fish tank or a small fishbowl is the best thing to be kept in the living room as it brings so much positive energy to the house and keeps the negativity away from it. Visit Concepts Architects & Interior Designers.

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