Ways to Get Higher Marks in Class 8 Science Exam



Many students consider exams as the stepping stone in their lives. Class 8 students are always confused about how they should start their preparation, especially for the Science subject as they find this subject confusing and tough to score good marks. In this article, we’ll be discussing some useful tips to get high scores in the Class 8 Science exam.¬†¬†

  • Make A List Containing Important Concepts of The Chapters¬†

This is one of the easiest and useful tricks which helps students to begin their preparation. You should make a list containing important concepts of the chapters for reference or doing a quick revision. By making a list of chapters, you won’t miss out on any important topic and would be able to memorize every single concept with ease. You can recollect every topic just by looking on to the list.¬†

  • Concentrate On Studies¬†

To understand this subject better, you must attend school lectures. Try not to miss any lecture, as this can cause loss to you. You must focus on each and every concept taught in your class so you can store it in your memory. Revising those concepts again at your home will reserve them in your long-term memory. 

  • Ask Your Doubts

If you have any doubts regarding the chapter then try to clear them as soon as you can. If you get a chance to clear your queries in the class itself, then go for it. Or else, you can seek help from your mentors when the session is over. Keeping your doubts in your mind won’t help you. Instead, your problems will pile up leading you to confusion. This can make you lose your confidence as well.¬†

  • Refer To NCERT Books

Class 8 students are advised to use NCERT prescribed books for preparing for the examination. These books cover the entire syllabus of the subject. The content in them is easy to understand which enables young children of class 8 to comprehend the subject better. Moreover, these books are written by experts who tend to deliver authentic and accurate information to the students in an interesting way. Additionally, the NCERT books contain numerous questions at the back of every chapter to test knowledge perceived by the students. So, you must practice them to analyze your performance. Referring to such books is beneficial from an exam point of view as many questions are directly asked from these study materials. 

  • Check Out NCERT Solutions

If you don’t have sufficient time to prepare for your Science class test then referring to NCERT Solutions is the best way to score at least average marks in less time. These solutions will provide you with clear-cut information regarding the difficult concepts in an easy manner. These solutions are a great resource to prepare well for the exams in the short term. But, you are recommended to use them for the long-term as well if you want to store information for a long time in your mind or want to save time during revision. At the same time, you can access them in offline mode also. For this, all you have to do is go through the NCERT Science Class 8 PDF Solutions.¬†¬†

  • Practice Writing Answers

Study all the concepts given in the chapters thoroughly. Make sure that you can write things that you have learned. If you are unable to write to the point answers, then your preparation will be wasted. To save yourself from this situation, you must practice writing answers. According to research, it is observed that writing helps people to store information for a longer duration of time as compared to reading things. Therefore, you can store concepts in your brain till your exams if you write them in the notebook several times. Writing can help you in numerous ways such as it allows you to practice the concepts rigorously, enhance your answering style, and gives you a sense of how to frame and write answers. It also gives you an idea of your writing speed and accuracy so you can analyze them and make necessary improvements. This technique will aid you to finish your exam on time. 

  • Make A Proper Schedule¬†

Create a study plan to use your time in doing purposeful things. Your study plan should be balanced. It should contain all your daily activities including, study time, enjoyment time, etc. Divide your study time into equal parts so you can give sufficient time to all subjects along with recreational activities. However, if you’re weak in Science or some other subject, then devote more time to that subject. Work on your weak points and try to strengthen them before exams.¬†¬†

  • Focus On Diagrams Also

As Science is an application-based subject, you must be aware of the importance of diagrams. It’s often seen in exams that if a student is unable to explain the concept to the point then making a relevant diagram may help him to fetch some marks. While drawing a diagram, make sure that you present it neatly. Moreover, try to label the diagrams properly as correct labeling carries some marks too. When you’re explaining the diagrams, try to describe each labeling in points instead of writing huge paragraphs. Writing content in points will draw the examiner’s attention who might get impressed with your presentation and may give you some scores on your diagrams.¬†

  • Virtual Learning

Many students are unable to understand practical-based topics. Science is one of those subjects that require students to use their logical and analytical skills. This subject deals with daily-life happenings and phenomena in nature. Hence, a student must know the reason behind every incident occurring in the environment. For this, they need to understand this subject very well. But, there may be some circumstances where students can find difficulties in comprehending the concepts. Here’s when video learning turns out to be a savior.¬†

Through videos, students can grasp things easily regardless of their intelligence quotient. Videos can explain things much better as compared to verbal teaching. 

Hope this article will help you to attain good marks in the Class 8 Science exam.

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