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A name and a good logo for a company are elements that every entrepreneur should take care of. You can only make a first impression once, so you should try to build a positive image of your company from the very beginning. Fortunately, today there are several ways to design a logo, so you will certainly be able to create the  logo. Therefore, today you will learn what a logo is and how to create one.

What is a logo

A logo is a symbol that reflects the value of a company. Together with the rest of the visual identity elements, it creates the face of the brand, and when properly designed – it allows you to be remembered and stand out from the competition.

A logo is not just a small corporate stamp that is supposed to look good. It is a serious project on which the success of the company will depend.

How to make a logo online

Today, every business owner needs a high-quality logo; fortunately, there are several ways to design one. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, but in the end, you get what you’re looking for. So here are the main ways you can create a memorable logo.

Self-developed logo

If you already have some outline of your company’s branding, don’t put down your paper and pencil. Start sketching out a logo design. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have the talent of Michelangelo. You are only creating a working design, which will be refined in subsequent stages. You must show a lot of creativity and ingenuity here. The color scheme in the company logo is also an important issue. Each color carries a specific message, and you should take this into account when creating a logo for your company. With attention to detail, you can create a unique logo that matches your vision.

Logo generator

A logo is nothing more than the name of your company presented graphically. Many sites on the Internet will help you create one. Such sites are called logo generators, and the most popular of them is Turbologo. Here you can use free fonts, a large selection of templates, and various settings. Such tools are very easy to use, user-friendly, and effective.

When choosing a typeface, consider its shape, the structure of the letters, and what feelings it evokes in the recipient. Consider that the text must be legible, even if the logo is reduced in size. The right typeface for written text can shout or whisper, and express haste or seriousness.

Graphic designer

Whether you have a working design developed and know what you want or are just at the beginning of creating a logo, you can always turn to a graphic designer. A qualified one will be sure to advise you on your order and professionally execute the design you discussed together. The disadvantages of this method are a high price and a lot of time and work. However, it is worth it, because in the end, you get what you want.


How you approach the problem of designing a logo is completely up to you. You must take into account the fact that a logo is supposed to reach customers first and foremost. By creating a good logo for your company, you will be much more effective in attracting loyal contractors.

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