What are the common problems to lead to change orders?



A change order leads to an official request for certain additional time and funds to fulfil a revised contractual obligation set. It involves certain reasons behind a construction change orders to vary from project to project. Mostly construction change orders consider as a headache with the efficient complexity and time frame of the demanding impose schedule constraints. A reliable construction claims consultants assist clients with the change order management with every contractor to remove the schedule constraints. 

Our change order management includes every particular contract to lead legal battles, disputes and arbitrations. Following are the common problems during a construction project to lead change orders.

Errors or omissions in drawings

It is shown that a common reason for construction change orders and errors rely on project scope. There are different errors and omissions related to building design to the land or environment, including a construction site. It also involves inadequate details, failure, misinterpretations to prepare a comprehensive set of detailed drawings to lead a serious change order request. It also helps prevent common problems and is important to comprehensively review all the contract documents to verify the owner provided accurate information and adhere to the latest standards and specifications.

Design changes

It is usually an uncommon activity for different builders or developers to begin a construction project before having a project scope to define with or without final drawings completely. We had a type of error as a most common design-build project with the ongoing design process and lead to work stoppages and cost overruns. It also results in certain labor issues due to delays in project execution and saves a significant impact on overhead costs.

Inaccurate specifications

Construction drawings or construction estimating services demands one product or materials, but the specifications usually call for different things. It is a common situation in different construction projects to draw and assign different consultants acting on their own. 

Soil Problems

Certain assumptions about soil conditions or other issues involve constructing the project to act differently from the actual conditions found on a certain site for CPM scheduling services. It is one of the most common types for unforeseen conditions and results in a failure and performs a complete set of soil boring. It involves an inadequate soil study to lead while expecting a certain condition that relies on specific testing criteria. If a soil profile varies, then it involves additional challenges and soil types throughout the site.


Contractors usually generate substitutions while specific materials are not available with the shortage of supplies. It leads to change order and involve additional issues through requesting for credit the cost of substitute material.  A contractor usually demands to generate a difference in cost between the different materials or products. An owner mainly inquires for upgrades in a construction process and requests to initiate a change order for extra compensation and time association to proposed modifications.

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