What Kinds of Live Acts Are the Most Popular Today?



Live entertainment has been a constant source of fun and excitement since the first parties were held.  Although we can’t be sure what kinds of entertainment was had by cavemen, we know that people crave live acts.  If you want to throw a party and aren’t sure where your party idea would fit, here are some of the tops shows that everyone wants at their celebrations!

Modern String Quartets

String quartets are making a comeback like nothing else.  The twist is that they aren’t just playing classical music anymore.  Modern string quartets can take popular music from today, even rap and country, and turn it into a beautiful classical-sounding piece.  There is a fun edge and sassiness with this that will add humor to any celebration.  Although some don’t, many take requests as long as you give them enough time to prepare for them.  There’s nothing wrong with having some fun and playing familiar music!


Magicians may be old hat, but illusionists have never claimed to be magic.  They’re not trying to trick you into thinking they’re wizards or witches- they’re merely there to impress you with unique and new routines.  You’ll get confused and wowed by incredible performances nobody can replicate, and inspired by sleights of hand; you’ll want to understand more.  The fun of illusionists isn’t that they could be magic; it’s that they’ve figured out ways to trick and surprise people that nobody else can figure out.  There’s something special there that’s caught the imaginations and attention of people all over the world.

Stand Up Comedians

You may not think comedians can do much for a party since they require their audience’s full attention, but stand up has been having a massive revival.  Stand up comedian specials are trending at least once every other week on streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, and people throwing parties have taken the hint.  Instead of listening to a garage rock band playing songs nobody has heard of; people can laugh and relax as comedians help brighten up the party.  The great thing about stand-ups is that you can find a funny person for any party or sense of humor.  If you’re worried about offending people, you can discover comedians who cater to that; if you want dirty jokes and lousy humor, you can also find that.  Just make it clear with the comedian what you want before they arrive.

Cover Bands

Cover bands are back in style, although they fell out of it for 10 or 15 years.  People are eagerly booking up Beatles and Kiss cover bands as quickly as they can get their hands on them.  After Queen came out in 2018, another surge of people was desperate to get their hands on their own Freddie Mercury for their parties.  Although these bands aren’t their originals, and it’s easier to find an acoustic singer for hire, that doesn’t stop these bands from bringing in a lot of attention.

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