What Makes Henry Hoover a Top Vacuum Cleaner Brand?



Vacuum cleaner not only saves your time but also makes cleaning easy and comfortable. So, you must pay attention to the vacuum cleaner’s features and quality when you go shopping for it.¬†

Buying a good-quality vacuum is a much better choice than going for a cheaper one. Some of the qualities you should look for are listed below. 

Solid Build Quality

When you invest in something like a vacuum cleaner, you expect it to last long. As the starting price of good vacuum cleaners starts from ¬£200, you indeed can’t compromise on the quality of the components. Top Quality vacuums from companies like the Henry Hoover range have impressive built quality. From the build and feel, you will know that they will last for years.¬†

Great Suction Power

There is nothing more frustrating than to find dust or dirt on your floor right after vacuuming. When you go for a vacuum cleaner with good suction, you can be assured that you get good results in one go. You will not have to go repeatedly to the same place to clean off the dust or dirt particles. A 185W of suction power is ideal as it can quickly pick-up dust from even the trickiest corners of your house.

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Long Power Cord 

When you are cleaning a large space, you don’t want to keep moving the plug to get the job done. A long wire comes really handy in such situations. Models in the Henry Hoover range come with an amazingly long cable so that you can clean your room or living room in one go without having to look for another power outlet. A retractable cord is a useful feature that helps wind the cord around the cleaner for a tidy look.¬†

Cleaning Different Surfaces

Every surface has different cleaning demands. If you have a mix of floors in your house, you’ll surely want to go with multi-surface vacuums. These vacuums can effortlessly clean tile, wood, laminate, area rugs, and carpet using different settings and the right attachments. Cordless Henry vacuums are known for their versatility in handling both carpet and hardwood floors.¬†

Smart Tools And Accessories 

Top-quality vacuums come with a bunch of attachments which makes them quite handy when handling different cleaning tasks. One such tool is the upholstery brush. If you have kids or pets who probably like the sofa more than the dining area, then you know how useful it becomes. Similarly, a crevice tool with a long hose will help you clean under your sofa, bed, table, and tricky corners of the house.

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Smart Filtration System 

Branded vacuum cleaners come with a high-efficiency air filtration system that makes them safe to use even if you have any allergies. The filtration system keeps all the allergens away from you. 

Large Dust Capacity

Vacuum cleaners with good dust capacity are way better than the bagless options with less capacity. They are an excellent choice for those who have larger spaces to clean but don’t want to waste time emptying the dust bag every few minutes.¬†

Excellent Runtime 

Cordless vacuums are powered by Li-ion batteries and need to be charged before every cleaning. So, you’ll need a vacuum that can last at least for the time you need cleaning your house. A vacuum that gives you about 60-90 minutes of runtime is a good one. Some brands like Henry Hoover can work on two different modes. So, you can swap between the two modes to use the battery power efficiently.¬†

All these features make a good quality vacuum cleaner. Ensure that it has an ergonomic design to handle it well and even clean easily. You can consider checking out popular vacuums in Henry Hoover range as they are economical and are known for their fantastic suction power. 

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