What movers do not move due to safety concerns?



Moving home is an overwhelming and tedious job and we cannot deny the significance of hiring a professional moving company. The Adam Moving website states professional moving company will not only lessen your work but will also ensure the safe delivery of your expensive and precious goods. There is no doubt that a good and reputed moving company can help you to have a complete smooth moving experience. You can rely upon a good moving company for the safe transportation of your goods but wait, not all the goods as there are certain items that your movers will not move. So, it is wise to know and understand the list of items that your movers won’t move before you hire a moving company and/or before you start packing for your next move.

Sort Them Out

Now, that you have planned your move and already looking for the best interstate moving companies, make sure you know the list of things that your selected company won’t move. Moving home is the best time to downsize your home and most people take full advantage of it and sort all the things they own before packing. As you get to remove all the unwanted items from your shipment, you also get a chance of removing things that your movers are not allowed to move. Though the list of goods may be different for different companies, the types of goods are the same. Following is a list of items that your professional moving company may deny moving with your other stuff.

Hazardous Material and Supplies

We all know that hazardous material is not allowed in the moving truck but what we do not know is the list of items included in the category of hazardous material. Along with weapons, ammunition, fireworks, and explosive types of dangerous material, some things that are commonly used in our household, are included in the list of hazardous materials. Any kind of oil including cooking and kerosene is not allowed to keep in the moving truck. Other items that cannot be included in the list are paints, thinners, nail polishes, cleaning chemicals, varnish, and even nail polish remover should be avoided while packing. Also, make sure there are no pressurized containers of aerosol and oxygen in the moving truck. However, your moving company will provide you with a list of preventive hazardous items, it is wise to learn about them before and keep them out of your packing goods. Make sure you get rid of all the hazardous material before the moving company starts packing and loading goods as a small mistake can cost you a lot. We all know that it is dangerous to move hazardous goods as they may explode and cause accidents and injury during transit.

Perishable Goods

Moving companies do not move perishable goods. Perishable goods like frozen food, dairy products, opened food cans, and meat products cannot be transported as they get spoilt during the move. Most moving trucks do not provide refrigeration facilities, it is almost impossible to transport perishable items in good condition even within the city. Moving companies do not allow perishable goods as they may or cause unwanted and unpleasant odors in the vehicle. If spilled they can even cause fungus in the truck. It is a good idea to consume all your perishable products before the move or simply donate them.


Most plants cannot easily bear the hassle and the time a long-distance move takes. Taking your plants with you in your car is a good idea if you want to take them along as the humid and closed environment of a moving truck may kill them. Otherwise, also, not all plants are allowed in every state so it is good to know the plant-related rules of your destination state. In some states, plants have to undergo a certain quarantine time that can cost you a hefty amount. It is a good idea to donate your plants to a nearby nursery.


Along with the above-said items that are not allowed in the moving trucks, there are some more items that you should not keep in the truck while moving. Make sure you take the following items with you and pack them separately when packing your goods for the move.

Important Documents and Jewelry

However, a good and reputed company ensures the safe transit and delivery of your goods, there are certain items that you should not pack in the moving boxes and your important documents top the list of such items. Make sure you keep all your documents including passport, driving license, bank account documents, financial and property registration papers, medical records, and any other important documents with you.

Also, do not leave any cash or jewelry in the moving boxes. Pack them safely and keep them in your handbag that you keep with you all the time. It is wise to keep it in a bank locker or at some relative’s place from where you can take it along after the move.

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