What Needs to be Done to Increase Sperm Retention



Once upon a time, a woman would blame for not having a child. But now it is known that about 60 million people worldwide have infertility. Of these, 30-50 per cent are men responsible for infertility. The quality of the sperm needed to give birth to a child should also be better. Deterioration of sperm quality and declining sperm count are now a matter of concern for scientists around the world.

Scientists are continually discovering new ways to solve the problem of sperm. Some of these ways are given below.

Don’t stay in the heat

The ideal temperature for sperm formation is 34.5 degrees Celsius. This temperature is slightly lower than the average body temperature. A three-year study by a university in California found that all men who stopped taking hot baths had an average 500% increase in sperm count. 

Refrain from smoking

Nowadays, everyone knows that smoking is harmful to health. Studies have shown that smoking is not only risky for overall health; it can also destroy your fertility. One study found that men who smoked had 16% less sperm in their semen than non-smokers.


Have regular sex

You may think that having sex is a good thing for a couple, but many couples have the misconception that excessive sexual intercourse reduces the amount of sperm in the semen. The information was once accurate – but now it has been proven to be a misconception in the case of healthy (not obese) men. 

At one time, doctors suggested that men who had low sperm counts could have sexual intercourse by collecting sperm after a short break. Although irregular sexual intercourse may improve in number, it also harms the quality of sperm. Every time a man has regular sexual intercourse, he ejaculates a part of his crooked sperm.

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