What Special You Can Do To Make Valentine’s Day Memorable?


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There’s still a month to go for Valentine’s Day, but the love birds start the V-day preparations way before because for them it’s no less important than birthdays or anniversaries. It’s their day to celebrate the love and romance they hold for each other or to make a move towards their crush. Numerous pieces of writing and advice exist in cyberspace suggesting various ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. If you are the couple who have been doing it for a year or so, the existing ideas may seem a bit boring. With the start of the new decade 2021-2030; you need some fresh and creative ideas to make love to your Valentine. 

This writing is all about thinking beyond the ordinary. From home dates to larger than life proposals, here is something for everyone. 

  • Terrace Romantic Dates: A room full of roses, balloons, and candles is something quite common. You must have ticked this idea wya before to impress her/him. Now, is the time to take a step further and do something more romantic, like terrace romantic date. Turn your terrace into a romantic place and spend time with your lovely. Here are the Valentine approved decor tips for you: 
  • Arrange for a table and chairs. Decorate the table with a table runner, a vase with fresh flowers, preferably the romantic red rose and scented candles. 
  • If you want you can experiment with the crockery and cutlery 
  • Put up fairy lights and plants
  • Then, have heart-shaped balloons floating in the air. You can have a Valentine-themed balloon bouquet in the corner as well. 
  • Barbeque, drinks, soft music are additional for the feels. 
  • Midnight  Cake Delivery: Many couples often tend to miss the cake cutting ceremony on Valentine’s Day or honour it on the same-day, i.e. 14th February. Midnight cake delivery on the eve of Valentine’s sounds more romantic. What’s even better is to go with a heart-shaped cake in red velvet flavour or a photo heart-shaped cake. You can avail midnight cake delivery in Coimbatore or wherever your beloved one resides. Here are the tips for making it more special
  • After making the cake delivery at midnight, give a surprise visit to your someone special and enjoy the cake cutting ceremony. 
  • Go down on one knee, and propose to her/him again. Even girls can propose (break the stereotypes). 
  • Give a  gift to your beloved one 
  • Along with the cake delivery, send a bouquet of fragrant flowers
  • Romantic Getaways: If you and your partner are adventurous souls or wanderlust souls, weekend getaway and vacations are for you. For Valentine’s Day, choose a romantic place to spend the day. Mountains and beaches are both perfect. Make some preparations for the V-day. You can also consider these tips, if you are going with this idea: 
  • If you are undertaking any adventurous sport, propose to him/her while he or she has no clue. 
  • Staycation at a fancy hotel? Make arrangements for lovely bubble bath for V-Day 
  • You can also attend some concert or any Valentine event happening in the city you are in. 
  • Cosy Day at Home: Some couples go the Kiss Rule (Keep it simple, stupid). Simple yet intimate. If you are this couple, it will surely work for you and your partner. Here’s you can execute this idea:
  • Prepare a list of rom coms movies and webseries. Binge watch the entire day
  • Arrange for snacks and drinks. 
  • Get cosy while watching. Build a blanket fort for this. 
  • Get silly with each other in a romantic way
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With these ideas, your Valentine’s Day this year is surely going to be different yet romantic like you and your partner always wanted it to be like.

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