Many auto professionals are now looking for a high-pressure car wash machine that can simplify work by saving time and is also affordable. Many design companies have come out with solutions to these problems by designing machines that can be applied for both semi and auto-wash.

These machines are available in different types to meet customers’ demands. These machines vary in shapes, functions, sizes, and how they are applied. Auto professionals are now able to enjoy using these machines because there are government restrictions put on them.

Where to Purchase High-Pressure Car Wash Machines

Many people are now in need of both personal and industrial car wash machines. Nowadays, purchasing a quality car wash machine is easier than before. Different types of brands have been nicely categorized in online stores and websites to help in marketing these machines.

Anyone in need of these machines can easily surf through the machines and make decisions by comparing prices, features, and functionality.

Prices of Brand-New High-Pressure Car Wash Machines in Kenya

These machines are available in different classes. Differences in efficiency, size, shape, and functions make the prices of the machines differ. One thing to note is that car wash machines for commercial use are more expensive than those for personal use. The OSI rating of the machine determines its functionality and efficiency, but PSI determines the price.

The price of these machines also depends on the place they are bought. A brand-new high-pressure car wash machine costs around Ksh33,000 to Ksh85,000. These prices depend on the brand, size, and features of the machine.

The 2700 PSI machines cost around Ksh33,00 to Ksh60,000. Other machines with PSI ratings higher than the 2700 cost Ksh55,000 to Ksh85,000.

An example of a car wash machine

Prices of used High-Pressure Car Wash Machines in Kenya

For those who are not interested in brand new car wash equipment, there are second-hand machines available for you. Provided that the machines are still in good condition, there is no doubt in their functionality and overall performance.

Just like the brand-new ones, their prices vary depending on the size, shape, features, and functionality of the equipment. Used car wash machines cost around Ksh15,000 to Ksh40,000 provided that all the factors are put into consideration.

What alters The General Prices of Car Wash Machines in Kenya?

Purchasing a high pressure car wash machine online can cost more than expected because the shipping fee is also included. The period of purchase and place can also alter the price of this equipment.

Important Things to Consider Before Buying High-Pressure Car Wash Machines in Kenya

  • It is advisable to go for brands that have already established themselves as the best in the market.
  • It is important to go for a machine that is affordable to you.
  • Type of Machine. It is important to consider the type of machine you want, whether commercial or personal.Read more about: Pii-email

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