krono polo boots-by lascano

Used by both men and women, boots have become one of the best-known footwears in the world, whether for fashion, for protection in certain tasks or simply to take care of the cold and bad weather.

For its part, you can check https://www.kronopolo.com/ that have always been used since, coming from an equestrian sport, it is normal to associate boots and horses as something that go hand in hand, even without knowing why, it is an idea that anyone can recognize easily being an expert or a novice on the subject. Every time we mention an event where the protagonist is the horses, boots immediately come to mind as an accessory to attend, without knowing very well what the reason for said belief is.

Today you can find boots on the market made of all kinds of materials and with a variety of designs, however, polo boots require the use of the conventional material par excellence, which is leather. Leather is a resistant, durable material and performs an important protective task; It is normal that, when riding on a horse, there is a preference for this type of footwear, which can resist friction on the stirrups that control the animal without damaging itself and, in addition, provide us with greater care in the event of an accident.

Now, it is important to know that there are different types of leathers, some more exclusive than others. However, the best quality and duration is obtained from the finest and best selected materials, the best skins come from animals that were properly treated in life and, when processing the leather, the best tools and techniques were used.

Krono Polo has a wide range of polo boots made in different types of leather, it is necessary to clarify that all are of excellent quality, manufactured by Argentine artisans who have known this trade for years, which is acquired from generation to generation. Within the portfolio that Krono offers in its polo boots, are the boots made to measure. Having custom made polo boots guarantees greater confidence and above all comfort, there is nothing more exhausting than an uncomfortable shoe, for this reason there are shoes made exclusively for your foot, according to your specific measurements and designed especially for you, where you can choose aspects such as leather and customization elements.

Another of the characteristics of the polo boots produced by Krono are those made of buffalo leather, being an extraordinary type of leather with unique properties, turning the polo boot into a flexible, breathable, durable and, above all, resistant implement. In short, polo boots are a subject for which many are passionate, since the work required and the end result is considered a work of art, for amateur boot lovers, Krono Polo produces boots to order. in Cordovan leather, an exalted material with qualities as distinguished as they are exclusive, which ensures a piece of art on your feet for many years and a safe company during countless polo matches.

Having excellent quality polo boots ensures that you have footwear that will last a lifetime, for this reason, the sole of all Krono polo boots are ribbed, thus reaching their maximum potential. A fundamental aspect of Krono Polo is that its articles arrive anywhere in the world, remember to order in advance to enjoy some polo boots that you will enjoy wearing at any time.

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