Which is a crucial investment or business approach?



Have you ever, though? which is a crucial investment or business approach?

Let’s clear about it.

What do you mean by business? Just money for your work? No, not at all.

Business means the summation of investment and business approach, and the business approach is the summation of some policy, some regulation, passion, relentless perseverance, some market analysis, hard work. 

But the question is, which is essential for business. Let’s see together.


Investment is a big part of the business. Many of us think that enough investment is everything for a business. But many companies have that can run with low investment or no investment. Yeah, investment is the heart of the business. But the only investment cannot go forward to a company. 

Business approach

The business approach is the central pillar of a business. Because the business approach bears all business basics, even a business approach can also manage small capital. If you are ambitious about your desire, your business approach can overcome every problem.

Investment vs Business approach

Only investment cannot run a business. The only business approach also cannot run a business properly, but it can manage small capital. 

Small investment may be disappointed you, but the business approach will make your dream of moving forward.

If you cannot manage investment properly, your business will break down. If your business cannot contain a business approach properly, your business also breaks down.

You can start a business with less investment, but you cannot create a place without a business approach. Even you can start a business with no investment, for example, DIYs business (Do It Yourself).


In conclusion, we can say that you can a business without any investment unless you have outstanding quality. But for starting a business, you have to keep a dream. So, the business approach is more important than investment.

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