Why Online Casino Streaming is Changing the Gambling Industry



Online casino gambling and sports betting saw unprecedented growth in 2020, which has continued unabated into 2021. Its increased popularity has been driven by further legalization in some states, with others already proposing similar legislation and more planning to do so. Given that only a handful of states have legalized online gambling, the market will continue growing as more legislatures allow it.

What are the driving forces behind this online casino streaming phenomenon, and why are they making an indelible mark on the gambling industry?

Enhanced technology

Creating a top-notch user experience (UX) for online casino games has been an organizational imperative for all operators. The cutting-edge software available today creates such an authentic atmosphere that players feel they are in an actual casino. Multi-platform technology has advanced so significantly that the online gambler feels fully immersed in the games. This has been a drawcard for many diehard gamblers who prefer brick-and-mortar facilities as they crave the casino ambiance.

On top of that, enhanced technology allows online casino and sports betting operators to bring new gambling opportunities right into players’ living rooms such as mesmerizing live dealer games and the possibility of streaming slot games to millions of people.


The drastic changes in gaming technology and how it boosts UX have been a starting point for casino operators looking to rebranding a business. Their move online has saved many traditional casinos from having to close due to a lack of patronage. Visitor numbers were dropping as millennials, who are the most substantial economically active population demographic, prefer online activities to in-person experiences. Millennials are also the target audience of streaming platforms and, different from brick and-mortar facilities, online casinos allow them to stream a gambling game and share the experience with friends.

Additionally, COVID-19 drove the move online even harder, as it became the only way people could gamble during lockdowns. Even now that gamblers can return to traditional casinos, many indicate that they intend to carry on using online casinos. This has prompted a startups boom in the online gambling industry.

New Gaming Experiences

Casinos have been quick to adapt to technological evolution and iGaming is a living proof of that. Online casino streaming has been greatly liked by gambling lovers due to the real experience it provides, enabling them to be a part of it in real-time. It gives a social gaming-like feeling with trained hosts leading the show and video cameras broadcasting it. The controls on a screen give players the option to place bets and the chat option allows them to communicate directly with the host. With such an experience, it has been received positively by everyone. Although advertising the casino live streaming on social media and popular websites remains an issue, its popularity is spreading fast and as more and more people join, it will become mainstream.

Sponsorships and endorsements

Much like sport, there is money to be made in online gambling for experts and influencers. Online casino companies are partnering with such individuals to generate higher user numbers.

Many popular streamers have started uploading videos explaining casino games and offering players tips. They advise their followers on any latest casino games to check out and provide in-depth reviews. Additionally, they endorse specific casino sites, and their power as influencers is undeniable.

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