Why retailers will hire in a retail design agency



Retail design helps to narrate the brand and product story, educate consumers about the pieces, and – ultimately – make the items displayed more desirable as a result. Design should indeed drive sales and this is where, why and how time and time again a retail design agency and the expertise of these firms continue to be able to make a lasting difference in the short and long-term. The way your store is set up and configured and the way your display fixtures are stocked can make a big difference to your bottom line and also in terms of how well you are able to generate repeat custom to your store too.

Retail employees can sell everything from fruits and vegetables to the hottest and most high-end handbags; if you look at the high street as an example, in some of the larger cities it is not uncommon to walk past a juice bar, deli or greengrocer and next door you may have a brand such as Mulberry. That said, more and more effort is being placed on to how well these shops are set up and configured. This is where and how nowadays retail design agency services are growing in demand.

If you’re a retail store, you need a retail designer to help you sell, not decorate. In detail, retail design solutions can span and cover all aspects of retail, from the design, layout, fixtures, fittings, flow of the space and so much more too. While anyone could design a retail space, it’s all of those points already named which actually make the difference to how well it is able to function and – sell. In the world of retail, consumer experience has become the primary issue; the consumer’s journey through the shopping mall, the individual retail outlet or department store and internet store. It is the job of the retail design agency to relate to and develop this experience through visual, spatial and communicative expression. Communication is the platform underlying and surrounding the spatial concept.

When it comes to it as a key service to support the high street and other types of selling, retail design has nowadays regained its value and is recognized as a serious design discipline with its own identity. It is concerned with new ways of exploring and enhancing the experience of interaction with other individuals, with products and with the environment by blending design thinking, design techniques, together with an understanding of human behaviour and modern technology.

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