Why soccer is so popular in Brazil



Soccer unconditionally ranks first in the ranking of popularity of sports. Soccer clubs and national teams are supported on all continents, all countries have their teams, and the number of fans is growing with each new generation. The reasons for the popularity of soccer vary. We should take into account both accessibility of the game, and “people’s” and social significance.

When and how did soccer appear?

In fact, the exact date of soccer’s appearance is not so simple. The fact that the ball game is known since antiquity. And they were held on a kind of fields, with or without gates.
Officially this sports discipline was legalized in 1863, although the first rules were recorded 20 years earlier. In 1863 the Football Association was organized and started organizing championships and local tournaments.
Interestingly, before that the whole of Europe played the so-called Garpastum. This game was invented by the Italians and it largely repeated the rules of soccer matches. When the British organized their association, the Italian Harpastum quickly faded away and soon disappeared altogether.
In the Russian-speaking world, soccer was first written about by Drs. “Playing with a ball in the air” was described as an interesting form of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Why soccer’s popularity is not declining

Thousands of factors can be added to this block. The main ones are as follows: Accessibility. You can play soccer anywhere, and anyone can do it. It is not even necessary to have a real ball, although today it is easy to get such sports equipment, even in the middle of nowhere. The excitement. No matter how you slice it, but any match promises tension. To win and be stronger can even the outsider, and thousands of fans in stadiums only fuel the emotional storm. Sports betting adds to the excitement. Anyone can bet on soccer in Mostbet, and you don’t need a huge budget to do it. Sociality. In many underdeveloped countries, soccer is a “ray of light in a dark kingdom. Take Brazil, for example. For dozens of players the sport has become a social elevator from poor favelas to the urban elite. Business. There is a huge amount of money circulating in modern soccer. And it happens at different levels. We are talking about gigantic salaries of players and coaches, about promoters and organizers, about the sports betting industry.
It is also important that in soccer, the result is influenced solely by the human factor. There is no technical component, which, for example, defines a champion in Formula 1. And the very principle of the team sport unites fans around the world.

Where can you place a bet on a soccer match

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