Why the furniture business needs product rendering?


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The moment there is a new housing trend, many people throw away a large part of¬†their interior.¬†While it was actually still in good condition.¬†In Europe, 12 million cupboards, 21 million chairs, 3 million kitchens, 7.2 million tables and 18.4 million mattresses are thrown away every year!¬†This is a shame, because that’s how you waste energy.¬†For example, by throwing away a sofa that is not yet worn out.¬†This costs¬†as much energy¬†as an average household consumes in six months!¬†This consumption falls under the indirect energy of a household.¬†That is the energy that was needed for the production, transport, storage and processing of the items in the house.

The quantitative environmental impact of the furniture industry in terms of CO2 emissions, consumption of raw materials and other pollution is unknown. This is partly because it is often difficult to determine the environmental impact of 1 piece of furniture. For example, in the case of furniture consisting of 4 or more different materials. This includes wood and metal for the frame, foam for the filling and textile for the upholstery. In addition, furniture is produced by furniture manufacturers and interior builders. Interior builders mainly develop custom work, the impact of which is difficult to include in a general analysis.

So, we all faces such issues. In order to avoid them why not get a 3d model of the furniture with 3d product rendering before getting it in your home?

This is what we’ll talk about in this post and we will share that how your furniture business can become easier and cost effective by using 3d services. So that your customers can check out the next time they need furniture.

Why choose 3d rendering of furniture business?

In combination with 3D or 2D visualization, every step in the product composition becomes understandable and your customers can then see what your configurable furniture will look like in real life. This gives them an accurate and realistic picture of your products, allowing them to buy with confidence and enthusiasm, which leads to a higher conversion of no less than 33%.

Also, it is important to get it from a professional 3d rendering company.

Decrease the after-sales costs

Don’t just think about what a furniture configurator gives you, but also think about what it takes away from you.¬†Your customers understand much better what they buy from you and therefore the chance of unwanted surprises is much smaller, so it leads to fewer returns, less dissatisfied clients, less communication and higher customer loyalty.

Send your customer during configuration

During the configuration process (price) promotions can be shown and delivery information such as stock status and delivery time. Your customer can therefore make a conscious choice between a version that is immediately available versus a version with a longer delivery time. This allows you to subtly steer the process towards the optimal result for your customer and yourself.

You can know more about 3d rendering services and can implement it in your business to avail long term benefits.

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