Winter Comes with Much Different Fashion



Autumn arrives with the forecast of Winter. Autumn is a combination of Kartik and Agrahayan months. This autumn is the center of the various flowers blooming in the trees, among them which are Mallika, Shiuli, Kamini, Gandharaja, and Himjhuri. 

At the center of this season, the farmers gather in the festival of Winter. The smell of various pithapuli filled the surroundings. The fair centered around this in the Winter season. There are many delicious foods, including sweets and Khai. This season seems to bring variety to us. 

But with so much comes dry air. And this dry air draws moisture from the skin, and the skin becomes dirty. So be aware of makeup and attire at this time. At the same time, some changes have to be brought in the eating habits. Which will help you adapt to this sudden change. Let’s not know what we need to keep in mind in the autumn


At this time of autumn, there is a particular time of night, and in the morning, the frosty wind touches. Moreover, the rest of the time is cold and hot. So full sleeve dress is quite comfortable at this time. Georgette, silk, net fabric long shirt, the skirt is quite comfortable at this time. Moreover, jeggings with T-shirts or tops are very pleased with this time. 

One of the attractions of this time for boys is a full sleeve t-shirt or polo t-shirt. Jeans or cotton pants with a casual look t-shirt are comfortable this time. In the case of the sari, you can choose a silk sari in autumn. Such as Silk Chiffon, Tangail Silk, South Indian Silk, etc. You can also wear a khadi sari, in which case the bright color will suit you this season

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