Women Pant Suits – Ideas for Business Suits for Ladies



At FashionbyTeresa, we want to normalize making a statement every day, even when you’re just in the office. Why? Because if you’re looking your best, you’re going to adopt the bold attitude you need to take the world by storm

FashionbyTeresa mixes chic and modern pieces with versatility, meaning our clothes will last you a lifetime. We want to change the trend cycle and make it fashionable to just be you and wear whatever you want. This means all our clothes, such as our statement ladies’ pantsuits, will take you wherever life might carry you – and you’ll look fantastic wherever that might be.

We also believe that there is nothing more classic and stylish than a women’s pantsuit. Bold yet elegant (and one hell of a statement!) the pantsuit is a wardrobe staple that can leave you looking put together in a matter of seconds. Nothing exerts confidence like a business two-piece made for the man and made elegant by the woman.

With our pantsuit collection, we wanted to take the boldness typically surrounded with a pantsuit and give it a more feminine edge. We wanted to do this without drowning its ‘statement’ nature because we love the way pantsuits exhume confidence from anyone. So, while you’ll still look striking, we’ve added small and traditionally feminine twists on them. By adding bright ‘girly’ colors, such as pink, we’ve tried to show that pantsuits aren’t just a man’s game, and that the workplace can be a runway too. Work hard, play hard, right?

All our lady’s business suits are offered at an extremely competitive price and are made of the highest quality materials. This has been done so our suits will last you a lifetime in the office. Our business suits are designed with formality in mind, but their versatile nature means you can dress them up and down in any way you want! The outfit options truly are endless with a staple pantsuit like this so use your imagination and make them your own. Keeping it classic with a white shirt and bold lip? Love it. Adding a twist with a vintage shirt or mix and matching blazers? You’re going to look fantastic!

The timeless style of our suits is indicative of the capsule wardrobe we hope to inspire others to create. Here at FashionByTeresa, we value fashion but want to practice it as sustainably as earthly as possible. That’s why our suits are designed, for the most part, in simple silhouettes. It gives you the power to do what you want with them, and it means they’re more suited, pun intended, for everyone!

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