Working with a Personal Injury Attorney: What is It to Injured Accident Victims?


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Sustaining injuries in an accident that occurred due to another person’s negligence can be quite traumatizing. You may be eligible for compensation and you need one of the best injury attorneys Huntington Beach to represent you. Personal injury cases are often challenging for you and for your lawyer. This is the reason you must not try to settle your case on your own. 

Personal injuries can be minor, serious, or life-threatening. Some of them can change your life, especially if they lead to a disability. Whether you suffer from a temporary or permanent disability, it changes your ability to work and you might not be able to work again. 

Seeking compensation for your injuries on your own can be tricky since the at-fault party’s insurance company will never run out of reasons to devalue or deny your claim. They may argue that your injuries happened because of your own negligence or that you sustained because of a pre-existing condition. Insurance companies are always looking to offer the least amount of compensation possible or deny your claim altogether.  However, you can avoid the tricks and tactics insurance companies use if you have a lawyer handling your claim. Here’s what you can expect if you have an attorney on your side:

You Will Know If You Have a Case

If you sustained an injury, regardless of how the accident occurred, you think that you have a case. Perhaps you to hit by a vehicle in a parking lot or slipped and fell in a store. But, just because you got injured does not always mean you have a claim. By having an attorney reviewing your case, you don’t make assumptions that may only waste your money and time. For instance, if a store has a clear sign that its floor is wet and slipped and fell on it, you might not be eligible to file a personal injury claim.  The store’s lawyer may argue that you were not careful. Keep in mind that personal injury claims are based on negligence. 

You Get Help from Someone Who Knows the Laws

Filing a personal injury claim without knowledge of the law may result in a denial or disqualification. There is a statute of limitations to meet and failing to file a claim within the given deadline will result in you losing your chances of pursuing compensation. Also, it is important to be aware of and observe California’s shared fault laws. Your attorney knows the laws that apply to your type of case and ensures you don’t violate any of them.

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